High-Bandwidth Chassis complements PXIe digital instruments.

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Suited for automated test applications, 32-channel PXI Express (PXIe)-based digital instruments NI PXIe-6544/45 are selectable-voltage digital waveform generator/analyzers respectively supporting clock rates to 100 and 200 MHz. Latter also provides typical streaming rates of 660 MBps. With 3U form factor, 8-slot PXIe chassis (NI PXIe-1082) offers 7 PXIe peripheral slots, up to 1 GBps per-slot bandwidth, and 4 GBps total system bandwidth.

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National Instruments Introduces 200 MHz PXI Express Digital Instrument and High-Bandwidth Chassis

New 100 and 200 MHz Digital Generator/Analyzers and Eight-Slot Chassis Optimize Multimedia and Semiconductor Test Applications

AUSTIN, Texas, June 23, 2009 -- National Instruments (NASDAQ:NATI) today introduced two new 32-channel PXI Express-based digital instruments and a new eight-slot high-bandwidth PXI Express 3U chassis for advanced automated test applications. The NI PXIe-6544/45 selectable-voltage digital waveform generator/analyzers optimize test applications by supporting clock rates of up to 100 and 200 MHz, respectively. The NI PXIe-6545 provides typical streaming rates of 660 MB/s, making it one of the industry's fastest-streaming digital test products. The new digital instruments make it easier for test engineers to conduct sophisticated analysis of high-speed semiconductor devices and high-definition (HD) multimedia components that require rapid transfers of large amounts of data to and from host memory. The NI PXIe-1082 chassis, the industry's first 3U eight-slot PXI Express chassis with seven PXI Express peripheral slots, complements the generator/analyzers with up to 1 GB/s per-slot bandwidth and up to 4 GB/s of total system bandwidth.

"These new instruments expand National Instruments PXI digital test capabilities to provide the performance and flexibility needed to test faster semiconductor chips and multimedia devices requiring high data transfer rates," said Eric Starkloff, vice president of test marketing for National Instruments. "These PXI Express products will further advance the shift toward more cost-effective test solutions based on the open, off-the-shelf PXI instrumentation standard instead of traditional proprietary solutions."

Because of the advanced operation of the NI PXIe-6544/45 modules, engineers now can accurately and automatically test faster semiconductor devices, such as analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), memory devices, ASICs and microcontrollers. Testing a 200 MS/s DAC, for example, previously required a high-speed pattern generator, an oscilloscope and a power supply. With the new NI PXIe-6545 generator/analyzer and NI PXIe-1082 chassis, engineers can perform characterization and production tests using compact, software-defined modular instrumentation. This approach provides greater flexibility by making it possible for engineers to programmatically select voltages of 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5 or 3.3 V; independently configure each of the 32 channels for input or output; and use the high-resolution onboard clock for subhertz frequency selection. The data throughput capabilities of the new high-speed PXI Express digital instruments and high-bandwidth chassis are ideal for testing many multimedia devices as well, including HDTV signals up to 1080p at 60 Hz, LCD screens, RF baseband devices and HD radio.

The NI PXIe-6544/45 modules include enhanced timing and synchronization features, such as an onboard direct digital synthesis (DDS) clock that provides subhertz resolution ranging from DC to 200 MHz. This helps engineers clock data generation and acquisition with higher resolution without using an external clock, eliminating the need for an additional high-resolution clocking device and external timing cables. The DDS also helps engineers manage test applications that require arbitrary clock frequencies. Engineers can export the onboard clock to other instruments or import external clocks through the backplane of the new NI PXIe-1082 chassis or through an SMB connector on the front panel of the generator/analyzers. With these features, engineers quickly can synchronize the NI PXIe-6544/45 modules with other analog or digital instruments for maximum correlation of generated signals and measurements across devices.

The NI PXIe-1082 eight-slot high-bandwidth 3U chassis features PCI Express lanes routed to every slot. The chassis provides four hybrid slots that engineers can use for either PXI Express or PXI hybrid-slot-compatible modules to maximize reuse of existing PXI modules. Designed for high-performance systems, the NI PXIe-1082 chassis offers an operating temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius and provides integrated system monitoring features, including power management, fan health and temperature monitoring, for the entire chassis.

Readers can review data sheets for the new NI PXIe-6544/45 digital waveform generator/analyzers and the NI PXIe-1082 chassis by visiting http://www.ni.com/pxi.

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NI PXIe-6544 digital instrument
Priced* from $5,499; euro 5,049; 809,000 yen
NI PXIe-6545 digital instrument
Priced* from $6,999; euro 6,399; 1,029,000 yen
NI PXIe-1082 chassis
Priced* from $2,999; euro 2,749; 394,000 yen

Web: http://www.ni.com/pxi
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