High Amp Alternator targets medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

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Available in 4 output versions of 170, 185, 205, and 220 A, PowerEdge Alternator features patented segment conductor technology, which incorporates square wire copper stator design. Unit is equipped with heavy-duty bearings, long-life brush composition, and remote sensing technology to prolong battery life. Providing 100% coverage for pad-mount applications, compact alternator provides optimal efficiency and helps minimize fuel consumption.

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DENSO Introduces the "PowerEdge" High Amp Alternator for Medium & Heavy Duty Truck Market

"Highly efficient alternator offers a small, lightweight design, which translates into long-term fuel economy savings"

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Global automotive supplier DENSO has developed a new high amperage alternator for the Medium and Heavy Duty truck market that is smaller, lighter and more efficient than the industry competition. The PowerEdge offers advanced alternator features - proven in the automotive market - like DENSO's patented segment conductor (SC) technology, which incorporates an innovative square wire copper stator design. By leveraging DENSO's innovative design and manufacturing technologies, the PowerEdge achieves higher efficiency in a smaller, more lightweight design, which translates into improved fuel economy. DENSO's new product will be available in July 2015.

"DENSO has harnessed its cutting-edge technology in order to provide a much-needed solution for the commercial truck market. In addition to its improved efficiency and higher amps at idle, the DENSO PowerEdge alternator can be up to 10 pounds lighter than the industry's competition," said Frank Jenkins, senior manager of DENSO Product and Services Americas' Commercial and Heavy Duty Group. "This means reduced fuel consumption over the long haul, which can save thousands of dollars per truck per year."

DENSO's SC alternator design has been optimized to provide the durability and long life needed to meet the severe demands of heavy and medium duty trucks. DENSO's new PowerEdge alternators offers four output versions: 170amp, 185amp, 205amp, and 220amp. Each unit features the same innovative SC stator, producing higher efficiency and more amps at idle. Additionally, these units are equipped with heavy duty bearings, advanced long-life brush composition, and remote sense technology to prolong battery life. Not only do these highly efficient alternators offer a small, lightweight design, but its compact size and weight offer fleet and truck technicians easier handling and installation.

"Medium and Heavy Duty customers have been looking for a more durable, higher efficiency solution for their growing electrical requirements. DENSO has responded by introducing the lightest, most efficient alternator in today's market," said Fran Labun, vice president of Sales at DENSO Product and Services Americas. DENSO has long been regarded as a leader in the global OEM market. This DENSO PowerEdge was developed specifically for the increasing demands of the truck market and demonstrates our strengthened commitment to our customers."

The DENSO PowerEdge Alternator provides 100 percent coverage for pad-mount applications and offers the following features and benefits:

--  Superior efficiency, providing reduced fuel consumption and mileage savings

--  Durability, long life, reducing replacement intervals and costs

--  Higher amps at idle

--  Remote sense features, prolongs battery life, reducing replacement costs

--  Compact size and lighter weight, for improved fuel savings and ease of installation

DENSO began producing its SC alternator for Original Equipment Manufacturers in December 1999 and produces and supplies this product in all major regions of the world. DENSO, which has supplied alternators since 1962, has been reducing the size and weight of alternators while also increasing their efficiency.

More information on DENSO's new PowerEdge alternator can be found at http://densoheavyduty.com  or contact your authorized DENSO Distributor.

About DENSO:

DENSO Corp., headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, is a leading global automotive supplier of advanced technology, systems and components in the areas of thermal, powertrain control, electronics and information and safety. Its customers include all the world's major carmakers. Worldwide, the company has more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliates in 38 countries and regions and employs more than 140,000 people. Consolidated global sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015, totaled US$35.9 billion. Last fiscal year, DENSO spent 9.2 percent of its global consolidated sales on research and development. DENSO common stock is traded on the Tokyo and Nagoya stock exchanges. For more information, go to www.globaldenso.com,  or visit our media website at www.densomediacenter.com.

About DENSO in North America:

Currently, in North America, DENSO employs more than 17,000 people at 33 consolidated companies and affiliates. Of these, 28 are manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In the U.S. alone, DENSO employs more than 14,000 people in California, Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, Arkansas and Pennsylvania. DENSO's North American consolidated sales totaling $8.0 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015.


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