HID To LED Upgrade Kits help minimize energy consumption.

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Available for Archetype, Structural, Wall Director, and WARP9 product lines, HID To LED Upgrade Kits preserve original luminaire construction attributes and maintain architectural relevance while avoiding landfill dumping and prolonging asset value. Dual Thermal Management System, using conduction and convection, absorbs and dissipates heat to extend LED life, while 0-10 V dimming interface allows 0-100% illumination output options.

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Kim Lighting Launches a Series of HID to LED Upgrade Kits as Part of The Increasing Expansion of Its Microemitter LED Technology

Kim Lighting's most popular product lines get reincarnated with exclusive LED Technology

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., - Kim Lighting, the premiere manufacturer of architectural
outdoor lighting, announces the launch of its series of HID to LED Upgrade Kits for its most popular product lines to reduce energy consumption and allow for diming and controls, asset management or compatibility with renewable energy systems.

Kim Lighting creates the ultimate sustainable solution and extends the life of the luminaire by utilizing superior construction attributes. For many decades, Kim Lighting has manufactured the most reliable housings available by manufacturing them from solid die-cast, low copper alloy (<0.6%) aluminum for superior durability. Kim Lighting only uses the finest stainless steel hardware to properly secure all components within the housing, and provides safe pole and wall mount attachment durability in extreme weather conditions. Kim Lighting's state-of-the-art powder coat paint system is engineered to provide the highest quality finish with secure paint adhesion over years.

Kim Lighting's LED Upgrade Kit solution preserves the original luminaire construction attributes, maintains architectural relevance, avoids landfill dumping, and prolongs your asset value by creating the utmost in sustainability.

Kim Lighting's HID to LED upgrade kits are ideal solutions for upgrade projects seeking Utility rebates and tax incentives. LED kits are available for Archetype, Structural, Wall Director and WARP9 product lines.

Key product attributes and benefits include:

o Reduces energy consumption up to 50% compared to original HID source.

o Maintains architectural relevance, application integrity and extends asset value.

o Utilizes existing construction to create a Dual Thermal Management System, conduction and convection, to absorb and dissipate heat for longer LED life and lumen performance maintenance.

o 0-10V dimming interface, allowing 0-100% illumination output options.

o Full palette of lighting distributions and color temperatures to match existing installations.

o The Upgrade Kit installs in just minutes, providing an easy value-added upgrade solution.

o EmitterDeck(TM) can be replaced as LED technology advances.

o Preserves applicable UL/CSA/ETL product listing and manufacturer's warranty.

o Compatible driver options for renewable energy systems.

o 6-year LED Engine warranty, 5-year LED component warranty, and includes an exclusive
+1 Guarantee housing extended warranty.

o Qualifies for many rebates and tax incentives.

Kim Lighting is the world's foremost designer and manufacturer of quality, high-performance outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products. These include roadway, pedestrian, low-level and buildingmounted solutions for contemporary or traditional commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Kim Lighting is leading the industry in the development of LED products that use the latest technologies and determining standards for the capabilities of LED for general outdoor illumination. Kim Lighting, a division of Hubbell Lighting, Inc., was founded in 1934 and is based in City of Industry, Calif. More information is available at www.kimlighting.com.

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