Hi-Temp Vinyl Masking Products Could Reveal Savings

Painting, Powder Coating and some E-Coating processes have Hi-Temp Vinyl options that could save money.

StockCap offers an alternative to expensive rubber masking products that could produce a cost savings for finishers using painting, powder coating and e-coating finishing processes. The key to this alternative is the temperature required for the curing portion of the procedure. Finishing processes that involve a heat-curing step or baking period with oven temperatures up to 446°F, (230°C) can switch from the rubber masking products to Hi-Temp Vinyl masking products from StockCap.

Although originally designed for a liquid paint finishing process with a bake procedure, Hi-Temp vinyl products have been successful in powder coating and e-coating processes at a cost much less than expensive rubber masking products. It is not uncommon to put Hi-Temp vinyl masking products through an industrial wash cycle to remove any mold release elements used in the manufacturing of the vinyl parts. This eliminates any concerns of the mold release affecting a powder coating or e-coating process.

Hi-Temperature vinyl masking products from StockCap include many styles, shapes and sizes. A quick review of the StockCap website (www.stockcap.com) or catalog (available to download from the website) reveals short caps, long caps, rectangular caps, EZ Tab caps, flange covers and more styles available in a variety of diameters. Black and yellow are standard hi-temp vinyl colors. Visit the special Finishing section of our website at www.stockcap.com/markets/finishing/index.asp to learn more about masking products for your finishing applications.

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