Hexagonal Spacing Sleeves are electrically insulating.

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Made of polyamide suitable for use in temperatures from -30 to +85°C, hexagonal spacing sleeves exhibit mechanical stability due to internal and external thread inserts that are made of brass and are electrically insulating. Various combinations of threads and sleeve lengths, from M2.5-M6, are available, and dielectric strength is rated at ~40 kV/mm. Accommodating use of socket wrenches and open-end wrenches, hexagonal shape facilitates assembly.

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Hexagonal, Electrically Insulating Spacing Sleeves

The assembly of circuitry to form functional assemblies by means of insulated assembly of stacks, or the insulated assembly of PCBs and chassis plates in cases requires appropriate components which are technically mature, functional and of high quality. For compact assembly the use of electrically insulating spacers is a suitable method.

Fischer Elektronik have developed a new series of hexagonal spacing sleeves made of plastic which combine the benefits of low weight and the mechanical stability given by metallic threads. The thread inserts which are made of brass are designed as external and internal threads and, as a result of the plastic insulation, electrically insulating. Various combinations of threads and sleeve lengths, from M2.5 to M6, are available. The hexagonal shape of the plastic body facilitates assembly, as socket wrenches and open-end wrenches may be used. The polyamide used is suitable for temperatures between -30°C and +85°C, and for a short period even up to +200°C. The dielectric strength is about 40 kV/mm, and the creeping current resistance achieves a value of KA 3c. Standard lengths are available from stock, special lengths can be produced at short notice. Modifications, other thread types and customized versions are possible. For any enquiries or further details, please contact the Fischer Elektronik product specialists. They will be pleased to give you any advice you may require.

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