Heratherm Large Capacity Microbiological Incubators Offered by Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA – Available on Laboratory-Equipment.com are the large-capacity microbiological incubators from Thermo Fisher Scientific. They offer excellent temperature uniformity, and have the volume needed to process and store large samples. A digital control pad is conveniently located on the outside door; program and monitor temperature and cycle times with ease.

Gravity convection is used to heat the general protocol incubator chambers. The advanced protocol incubators use mechanical convection.  Temperatures range from 41°F to 167°F (or up to 221°F in the Advanced Protocol incubators). Internal chamber volume ranges from 13.5 sq ft to 26.4 sq ft. Shelves are included to effectively store samples. The internal chamber is easy to clean and wipe down due to stainless steel materials and rounded corners.

Incubators come with locking casters for ease of relocation. The Advanced Protocol models also feature a locking door to prevent unauthorized access, and alarms for temperature deviation or timed cycle conclusion.  Equipment such as stirrers can be plugged into an internal outlet during incubation. A high-heat decontaminant cycle acts as an autoclave to sterilize internal components.

Laboratory-Equipment.com, a Terra Universal brand, offers hundreds of top-tier laboratory instruments and supplies. Learn more about the Heratherm Large Capacity Microbiological Incubator from Thermo Fisher Scientific by visiting Laboratory-Equipment.com.

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