Height-Adjustable, Single-Tier Desk has ergonomic design.

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In addition to offering electronic height adjustment settings of 28–47 in. from floor to accommodate sit-to-stand settings, Swingle Tier™ workstation allows for personalization of tilt and back and arm support. Articulating monitor arms allow for focal length positioning, while swing lift keyboard platform, with single-hand height and tilt adjustments, makes unit equally suitable in radiology reading rooms, laboratories, security, and IT installations.

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The Swingle Tier(TM) from AFC Industries

What do you get when you have the benefits of the height-adjustable single tier desk combined with the adjustable flexibility of a swing lift platform? You get the Swingle Tier™, AFC Industries’ newest addition to its ergonomic height-adjustable workstations.

The importance of the Ergonomic Desk has risen in direct correlation to the technological advances occurring today. If you find yourself at a computer terminal for more than four hours per day, you are not only at risk of developing Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), but also of shortening your life expectancy.

At AFC Industries, we firmly believe that the Ergonomic Desk of today must be designed to allow for the personalization of user-adjustable heights, tilt and back and arm support. AFC Industries has manufactured the Swingle Tier™ to address these issues and offer the ultimate in user flexibility and comfort.

You will appreciate the desks electronic height adjustment settings of 28 to 47 inches from the floor for comfortable sit-to-stand settings; its articulating monitor arms  for the ultimate in focal length positioning; and the swing lift keyboard platform with its single hand height and tilt adjustments that makes this unit equally at home in Radiology reading rooms, Laboratories, Security and IT Installations. Just another way that AFC Industries creates solutions for working environments.


Since 1994, AFC Industries has been an innovator in the field of medical solutions. From ergonomic, high-quality workstations, carts and racks to complete modular storage systems, the company's product line is crafted for the ultimate in safety, adaptability, comfort and functionality. All products are constructed of the highest quality reinforced steel and may be customized to meet a full range of needs. Noted for its high level of customer service, AFC offers complementary room design analysis, three-dimensional designs, furniture customization and ongoing customer support.

The company supplies furniture to a full range of medical facilities, airports, casinos, police, fire and many other emergency and control monitoring stations. AFC Industries, Inc. is located at 13-16 133 Place, College Point, NY, 800-663-3412. For more information e-mail afcsales@afcindustries.com or visit the Web at www.afcindustries.com .

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