Heavy Duty Track System withstands loads up to 8,992 lb.

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HDRT Heavy Duty Ring Slide and Track System combines HepcoMotion PRT ring track system with HDS slide system. Single edge rings are offered from 20.15-65.19 in. dia, with optional integral gear. Single piece slides of up to 4 m can be butted together to create unlimited lengths, and double edged ring segments and straight sides combine to form closed circuits and curved paths. Fixed center and bogie carriages are both available in 64 or 95 mm dia.

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Bishop-Wisecarver Announces Availbility of New Heavy Duty Track System

HepcoMotion's HDRT Stands up to Heavy Loads. Pittsburg, CA - - May 16, 2006 - - Today Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation announced the availability of HepcoMotion's new HDRT Heavy Duty Ring Slide and Track System. The new product line combines the flexibility and function of HepcoMotion's PRT ring track system with the size and strength of the HDS slide system to support loads of up to 40kN (8,992 pounds). The HDRT offers a large range of single edge rings from 512mm (20.15 inches) to 1656mm (65.19 inches) in diameter, with an optional integral gear. Internal and external V rings are compatible with three sizes of bearings and two lubricators for increased load and life, and are available in seven sizes, and two precision grades as well as stainless steel. Gear cut rings and pinions are also available. The HDRT track system utilizes one size of double edge ring segment linked to HepcoMotion's heavy duty linear slides, and are supplied with back plates and joint blocks according to design. One piece slides of up to 4m can be butted together to create unlimited lengths. HDRT's double edged ring segments and straight sides easily combine to form closed circuits and curved paths, with both left and right hand bends, depending on the carriage. Two types of carriages are offered with HDRT, including a fixed center version and a bogie carriage. The fixed center version can be used on track systems with unidirectional bends of common radii, and on double-edged rings and segments. The Bogie carriage swivels on a lubricated-for-life, play-free axial/radial ball bearing, for use with "S" bends or bends with varying radii. Both the fixed center carriage and bogie carriage are available in two standard sizes (64mm or 95mm diameter), with a 120mm version available upon request. Carriages are made of high-strength aluminum alloy and are sold fully assembled to suit the customer's tracking needs. All use double row ball bearings and offer a high axial/load capacity, and come in either concentric or adjustable eccentric forms. Additional options include a corrosion resistant carriage, and stainless steel bearings. For more information and product photographs, please contact Bishop-Wisecarver. About Bishop-Wisecarver Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation has remained one of the most respected names in guided motion technology since 1950. The San Francisco Bay Area company manufactures, stocks, and distributes guided motion components and systems for linear, rotary and curved track applications. Bishop Wisecarver products are used worldwide in industries such as packaging, medical device manufacturing, wood processing, food processing, and semi-conductor fabrication. Bishop-Wisecarver has been the exclusive North and Central American Partner and Distributor for HepcoMotion® products since 1984. HepcoMotion is the worldwide identity and trading name for Hepco Slide Systems, Ltd. © Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation. All rights reserved. Bishop-Wisecarver is a registered trademark of Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation. HepcoMotion is a registered trademark of Hepco Slides Systems Limited.

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