Heavy-Duty Starter generates 8.5 kW at 12 V.

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Eliminating need for vehicle wiring harness, Delco Remy 44MT(TM) heavy-duty starter features Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid, with input current capable of ECM control, as well as withstand engine temperatures up to 248°F. To improve soft start engagements, starter includes Clutch Over Planetary Gear Drive System which slowly rotates pinion until it is properly engaged to ring gear before cranking. Unit also has Over Crank Protection circuit breaker that provides thermal protection.

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Remy Inc. Unveils New Delco Remy 44MT(TM) Heavy Duty Starter

TAMPA, Fla. - Remy, Inc. today announced the new Delco Remy 44MT(TM) heavy duty starter at the TMC trade show in Tampa, Florida. Remy President Jay Pittas was on hand to unveil the Delco Remy 44MT to a group of journalists and explain that the 44MT is the most powerful starter with the highest power density and patented technologies easing installation, increasing reliability, and providing a significantly longer life cycle than any starter on the market today.

Today's engines are harder to start and require more crank than ever before due to increased emission standards and anti-idling regulations. These extreme engine conditions and frequent starts and stops require a starter that is more robust and durable. The Delco Remy 44MT is a premium starter creating 8.5 kW at 12 Volts making it the most powerful starter. Yet, Remy has gone beyond just making the most powerful starter and has designed the 44MT to become the world's most reliable starter by eliminating many challenges facing traditional starter designs on the market today.

Remy President Jay Pittas said, "Remy is excited to introduce the first starter to be significantly redesigned to meet today's new heavy duty starting challenges. Our engineers have thought of everything and have not only increased performance, reliability, and life cycle but serviceability as well. The market is anxious to use the 44MT and start reaping the many cost benefits, including spending less money on jumps and more time on the road."

The Delco Remy 44MT contains several patented technologies intended to enhance reliability, drive life improvement, and eliminate the need for a vehicle wiring harness. Reliability is enhanced with Delco Remy's Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid (IMMS), which is a one wire design integrated inside the solenoid verses traditional starter designs. Its input current is capable of ECM control and its newly designed internal location enables it to withstand engine temperatures up to 120degreesC/248degreesF. Additionally, problems caused by corrosion from engine environment issues and vibrations are eliminated.

Remy's patented new Clutch Over Planetary Gear Drive System (COPG) design has a more robust clutch shell and ring gear withstanding more torque. The whole idea behind the COPG is to improve soft start engagements by slowly rotating the pinion until it is properly engaged to the ring gear before cranking. This reduces engagement milling and teeth abutments resulting in improved reliability and overall extending the ring gear life.

Vehicle wiring harnesses will become a thing of the past as well due to Remy's Integrated Over Crank Protection (OCP). The new OCP is a self-contained, one-wire design with no additional connections required, completely eliminating the need for a vehicle wiring harness. OCP is a built-in circuit breaker that protects the starter from thermal damage and automatically resets at safe operating temperatures.

Installation is simplified due to the new self-contained design eliminating exposed wiring and the need for additional mounting brackets like other starters on the market. Removing traditional connection points helps reduce corrosion as well.

Currently, Remy is finalizing lab testing and working through the field testing process. Early results have shown cranking speeds over 100 RPM or nearly 25% more speed than the nearest competitor. The Delco Remy 44MT is expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2010 and will be available through Delco Remy's current distribution networks.

For more details about the Delco Remy 44MT(TM) visit the Remy website at www.delcoremy.com.

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Remy International, Inc., headquartered in Pendleton, Indiana, is a leading global manufacturer, remanufacturer and distributor of light duty starters, alternators and hybrid power technology and Delco Remy brand heavy-duty systems. In business for over 100 years, today Remy International is actively collaborating with companies throughout the world to develop innovations that are transforming the vehicle industry. Recently, Remy International was recognized by the United States Department of Energy for its leadership role in the hybrid technologies space and awarded a $60 million grant under the Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative.

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To learn more, visit the Remy brand website at www.remyinc.com.

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