Heavy Duty Linear Abraser 5800

Versatile tester can evaluate material properties of finished products with a rugged, durable surface finish. A free floating head follows the contours of test specimens, permitting the testing of flat or contoured products. With adjustable stroke length, speed, and load, the Heavy Duty Linear Abraser allows you to customize test parameters to your exact needs. Plus an integrated T-slot table makes specimen mounting straightforward, permitting consistent test set-up.

Measure abrasion resistance and other material properties.

Supplied with the 2" diameter Universal Attachment and Scotch-Brite(TM) scouring pads, this instrument may be used to measure resistance to scrubbing for products like nonstick coatings. Optional attachments (sold separately) may also be used to evaluate resistance to damage from rub, scratch, or mar.

Expanded load capabilities compared to Taber's Linear Abraser.

With a 16mm diameter spline shaft and higher torque motor, the Heavy Duty Linear Abraser can accommodate a testing load up to 4550 grams (10 lbs) per test sample. And to increase test output, adding an optional second test kit allows two tests to be performed simultaneously.

Standard Features:

o Slotted crank arm for adjustable stroke length
(0" to 13")

o Preset speed selections (15, 30, 37, 45, 60
cycles per minute)

o Stroke length scale calibrated in English and
Metric Units

o Variable load from 500 to 4550 gram (optional
weight discs available)

o 16mm diameter spline shaft

o Left / Right side mounting

o 2nd test kit doubles test output (optional)

o 115V / 230V operation

Heavy Duty Linear Abraser 5800 Includes:

o Load Arm with Spline Shaft/Weight Support Assembly

o Weight Set (1000g, 2000g, & 4050g)

o T-Slot Specimen Table

o Universal Attachment, 2" diameter

o 3M Scotch Brite® Abrasive Pad, 6" x 9" sheet (3 ea.)

o Hex L-Key Tool

o Hand Brush (S-12)

o Power Cord Kit

o Operating Instructions

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