Heaters mount vertically, horizontally, or on angle.

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Doorjet Heaters resist wet, corrosive environments found at loading docks and platforms of industrial plants and warehouses. They offer stainless steel parts including casing with reinforcing angle rings; prewired, sealed, control box; and burner baffle. Able to heat door openings up to 12 x 12 ft, models are available with input ratings from 550,000 to 950,000 BTUH. Heaters operate on natural gas, but can also be specified for other gaseous fuels.

Original Press Release:

New Stainless Steel Doorjet Heater Resists Wet, Corrosive Environments; Stops Cold Air Penetration At Open Bay Doors

Rochester, MI - Solaronics, Inc. announces their new STAINLESS STEEL DOORJET HEATER that resists wet, corrosive environments typically found at car washes and outdoor loading docks and platforms of industrial plants, repair facilities and warehouses. Supplied completely assembled and factory tested prior to shipment, the heater's critical system components feature: * Stainless Steel casing with reinforcing angle rings * Stainless steel control box, prewired and sealed * Stainless Steel burner baffle. All to ensure safe, dependable long life operation.

According to the company, the DOORJET heater produces a high velocity 'jet' of heated air that is directed automatically toward outside bay doors as they open. The in-rushing cold air is immediately tempered by the DOORJET's heat surge, preventing chilled personnel and greatly improving overall comfort in the area. Also, energy is saved as heating systems in the building maintain their normal operation without having to compensate for sudden influxes of cold air.

"Whether it's a car wash with one or two doors, a small factory, warehouse or distribution center with high volumes of shipping and receiving cycles, the dependable DOORJET heater operates without employee intervention," says Tom Lester, Solaronics' vice president of sales and marketing. "As the outside door is raised, a door limit trip switch automatically activates the fan and burner, instantly producing a 'jet' of hot air -without a warm-up period. When the door closes, the heater safely shuts down," he adds.

Solaronics DOORJET heaters may be mounted vertically to direct heat straight down for roll up or straight lift doors; horizontal or angled placement for conventional lift doors. The company notes that the heaters are easily installed, with connections to electrical source, gas supply and door limit switch. A single DOORJET heater will handle typical door openings up to about 12' x 12'.

While designed to operate economically on natural gas, the heater can also be specified for other gaseous fuels. Models are available with input ratings from 550,000 to 950,000 BTUH to accommodate most building requirements.

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