Heated Stair Treads provide sure footing in icy conditions.

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Custom designed TempraStep(TM) treads get rid of snow and ice without shoveling or corrosive salt. Embedded heating elements keep precipitation from freezing on tread. System can be operated manually when snow begins or when icy conditions are likely, and automatic operation is possible with use of temperature/humidity sensor. Installation conforms to all requirements of National Electrical Code (NEC) 426.23(B) and local codes/ordinances.

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AMSTEP Heated Treads Provide Sure Footing in Freezing Conditions

Bristol, CT- Amstep Products offers TempraStep(TM) heated stair treads as a sure cure for snow and ice without the need for shoveling or the expense of corrosive salt. Companies and homeowners spend millions of dollars per year on injury claims and increased insurance rates due to ice and snow, while salt destroys carpeting, concrete, and flooring.

TempraStep contains embedded heating elements that keep precipitation from freezing on the tread. The system can be operated manually when snow begins or icy conditions are likely, or automatically through use of a temperature/humidity sensor. TempraStep treads are custom designed.

They also are inexpensive to operate. Based on a cost of 10 cents per kilowatt hour, a 50 foot driveway costs only $1.80 per hour, a 4-foot by 15-foot walkway just 27 cents per hour, and a series of 10 6-foot wide steps less than 20 cents per hour to operate.

Installation must conform to all requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) 426.23(B) (Fixed Outdoor Electric Deicing and Snow-Melting Equipment) and any local codes or ordinances. Like all of Amstep's products, TempraStep heated treads are fully compliant with ADA, OSHA, and most building code and insurance requirements.

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