Heat Resistant Glasses Take on a New Role

Gray glass, a glass machining and fabricating manufacturer, offers additional value to its prolific offerings by now including an expanded line of heat resistant glass; Pyrex, Vycor, Quartz and Pyroceram.

Pyrex® materials are capable of withstanding continuous heat up to 230°C(446°F) and intermittent heat up to 490°C(914°F). VYCOR® and QUARTZ® materials withstand continuous heat to 900°C (1652°F) and intermittent heat to 1200°C (2192°F). These glasses are available in either flat Rolled or Polished surfaces and in standard and special sizes. PYROCERAM®, for many years used in Corning's Cookware, is available in white sheets 48" x 60" x .200" thick. Clear translucent ceramic glass is available in sheets 31" x 62" x .200" thick. This material is used extensively in coal and other high heat environments as viewing portals. Ceramic glasses can withstand temperatures up to 700°C (1292°F).

Industrial glass includes:
o Fused Silica
o Borosilicates
o Heat Shielding
o Conductive
o Furnace Observation Blue
o X-Ray lead Glass
o Wire Glass
o Non-Glare
o Rods
o Tubes
o Bell Jars
o Cylinders
o Flat & Tubular Gage Glasses
o Sight/Instrument/Dial Glasses

GrayGlass Has added additional CNC abrasive waterjet cutting to its existing capabilities making our machining and fabricating horizons expanded to include cutting large parts up to 168" X 80" with capabilities to include machining of glass, metals, ceramics, stone, and composites.

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