Heat Reclaimer conserves energy and cools boiler rooms.

Press Release Summary:

Without using any pumps or holding tanks, Geo-Chiller works with heat exchanger placed in series with make-up water of boiler. It absorbs wasted heat from ceiling of boiler room and then increases temperature of make-up water 10°F. Product also produces cooling effect in boiler room, which benefits electrical components and workers. Available to schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities, product can be installed by existing maintenance staff.

Original Press Release:

Patented Geo-Chiller Energy Saving System, and Cools Boiler Rooms

Applied Scientific Research Inc. would like to announce a revolutionary energy saving system, the Geo-Chiller. Our company has exclusive license to sell the U.S. patented energy saving system, the Geo-Chiller. The Geo-Chiller works with a heat exchanger placed in series with the make-up water of the boiler, and absorbs wasted heat from the ceiling of the boiler room. It then increases the temperature of the make- up water 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The Geo-Chiller does not use any pumps or holding tanks. Our product has a payback of one year or less, depending on available heat.

The Geo-Chiller also has a cooling effect in the boiler room, which is good for electrical components, and more comfortable for workers. The Geo-Chiller is very simple to install, and can be installed by your maintenance department.

The very cost effective Geo-Chiller is now available to schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities. For greater details please see attachment.

About Us - Applied Scientific Research Inc. has been an energy saving company since 1988. We deal with intellectual properties. The Geo-Chiller and other energy saving devices have been developed, and perfected by A.S.R. Inc. for years. Applied Scientific Research Inc. is ready to save the U.S. tremendous amounts of energy on natural gas. The Geo-Chiller is only available through Applied Scientific Research Inc.

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