Heat Guns melt and bend plastic and laminates.

Press Release Summary:

General-purpose Economy Model HG-001VT offers 2-speed motor, electronic variable temperature control from 250-1,100°F, and built-in safety handle. Industrial Grade Models HG-002/003/005 offer flameless heat, adjustable air intake regulator, and variable temperature adjustment from 200-750°F. Units are suited for heating and drying, as well as smoothing vinyl wrinkles and softening floor tiles. Diffuser nozzles with reflectors and concentrators are available.

Original Press Release:

ECG Heat Guns Added to NTE'S Product Line!

Bloomfield, NJ --- NTE Electronics, Inc. recently added a variety of ECG Heat Guns and diffusers to their product line. The new heat guns are used for numerous general heating and drying applications, as well as melting and bending plastic and laminates, shrink film packaging, smoothing vinyl wrinkles, terminals/tubing shrinking, softening floor tiles and thawing frozen lock. A variety of diffuser nozzles are available for different applications (reflectors and concentrators). All products are CUL listed.

The new heat guns and diffusers available include:

o HG-001VT Economy Model: General purpose, compact, lightweight, and easy to use
- Electronic variable temperature control dial with temperatures ranging from 250°F to 1100°F/120°C to 590°C
- Solid state construction with built-in safety handle, 2-speed motor
- High quality heat element
- Perfect for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, engineers, electricians, automotive and machine repair

o HG-002/003/005 Industrial Grade Models: Rugged performance, prolonged use, lighter than other similar models
- Variable temperature adjustment (models 200° - 750°F)
- Fast controlled flameless heat
- Adjustable air intake regulator; superior air flow
- Double jacketed nozzle and shield

o Diffusers
- For the HG-001VT Electric Heat Gun: 7/8" heat concentrator, 3/8"pinpoint concentrator, and shrink tube reflector.
- For the HG-002/003/005 Heat Guns: 3/4" reflector, 2" reflector, and pinpoint concentrator.

NTE remains committed to offer their customers the widest range of products with unparalleled service. The company supplies the highest quality private label relays, semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, hook-up and speaker wire, heat shrink tubing, and switches, along with such well known brands as: Spectrol-U.K. and P.E.C.-Canada potentiometers, trimmers and dials, KILO machined aluminum knobs and dials, Amphenol RF interconnect products, Kester solder products, ECG® aerosol chemicals, butane/electric soldering & heat products, test equipment and surge suppressor outlet strips, and Lightwave(TM) high intensity LED flashlights and Dialight optoelectronic products.

For complete product information, visit the website at www.nteinc.com. You'll have access to all NTE catalogs including technical specs and the extensive distributor network listings, as well as NTE's free download of the cross-reference software, QUICKCross(TM).

For further information on Heat Guns & Diffusers, call 800-631-1250 or 973-748-5089 and request Part Number EL44-02.

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