Heat Generating Pellets melt ice and snow upon contact.

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Offered as rock salt alternative, De-Icer(TM) consists of non-corrosive, pure white, crystalline pellets that instantly unleash radiant heat upon contact with ice and snow. Compound is effective down to -60° to keep walkways clear, clean, and safe without causing messy salt slush. OSHA-compliant pellets, compatible with spreaders for application over larger areas, can be applied shortly after snowfall to prevent heavy accumulation.

Original Press Release:

Heat Generating Pellets Melt Ice & Snow Rapidly

WALL, NJ --- From Garon Products, the makers of the highest quality floor coatings and concrete repair products, comes an ice and snow melting compound far superior to Rock Salt... De-Icer(TM). The non-corrosive, tiny, pure white, crystalline pellets of De-Icer(TM) instantly create a powerful, radiant heat that is unleashed spontaneously upon contact with ice and snow. De-Icer(TM) is 24 times more effective than rock salt at 0° and is effective down to -60° when rock salt won't work at all. De-Icer(TM) keeps walkways clear, clean and safe with no messy salt slush to clean up. The special OSHA compliant pellets can be applied shortly after snowfall to prevent heavy accumulation. De-Icer(TM) is easy to apply on walkways and on larger areas with a spreader. De-Icer(TM) is available from Garon Products, a major manufacturer of floor coating systems, concrete repair products, and anti-slip safety coatings for more than 46 years. For a free catalog and more information contact Garon Products at 1-800-631-5380, or visit us at www.garonproducts.com.

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