Healthcare Marketing SaaS aids volume performance management.

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Built entirely in cloud, HealthConnect v4 empowers marketing and physician liaison teams to achieve growth by providing one view of entire marketing and business development ecosystem. Features include filtering and segmentation tools, patient volume analytics and reporting engine, and intuitive, interactive dashboards. To further facilitate use, solution comes with automated Web form builder, patient deduper tool, automated data cleansing engine, and email wizard.

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eVariant Introduces HealthConnect v4 at SHSMD

THE Volume Performance Management Solution

PHOENIX -- eVariant, a leader in hospital CRM/PRM and marketing automation solutions that dramatically accelerate patient volume growth and improve patient and provider communications, today unveiled HealthConnect v4, the only Volume Performance Management solution on the market.

HealthConnect v4 is the industry's only comprehensive healthcare marketing SaaS application built entirely in the cloud. It gives users the power, stability and reliability they demand, but presented in a UI that one would expect in a consumer application.

The platform empowers marketing and physician liaison teams to achieve growth by providing a single view of the entire marketing and business development ecosystem.

"We are truly impressed in the broad capabilities of the product and how quickly HealthConnect v4 will speed our go-to-market initiatives," said Suzanne Sawyer, Chief Marketing Officer of Penn Medicine, one of many customers that have been using the solution in its version 4 state. "The product is transformational."

Early adopters like Penn Medicine have created sophisticated, volume-driving campaigns in weeks - with little specialized training. They've easily leveraged interconnected data, digital marketing and eMail/landing page design tools (which encourage both adoption and creativity) while the platform's powerful filtering and segmentation tools have improved both targeting and response rates.

HealthConnect v4 includes a powerful patient volume analytics and reporting engine that helps users predict how marketing decisions will drive future revenue. Companies can analyze and quantify marketing results through intuitive, interactive dashboards and reports. With one dynamic view, providers can make data-driven decisions about resource allocation in an effort to generate profitable patient volume.

Bill Moschella, CEO of eVariant, said, "There is nothing in the healthcare industry like HealthConnect v4. It performs marketing functions and integrations automatically, across disparate systems - all in a browser over the Internet. This is the culmination of 3 years of customer collaboration, research, and development and we believe this represents a major moment for the industry."

Other new features of HealthConnect v4 include:

-- An automated Web form builder (HTML and JavaScript knowledge is now not required to build complex forms)
-- A built-in patient deduper tool that marketers can use "on-the-fly" without having to perform manual extracts and deletes
-- An automated data cleansing engine
-- An intricate classes and events module that works for both patients and providers and can run as stand-alone or can be used in conjunction with your call center
-- Several new quick start real time integrations with companies such as EPIC, Beryl and SironaHealth
-- A new email wizard that allows users to quickly send out emails from a variety of templates without HTML knowledge Based on the rapid growth of the amount of users of the HealthConnect product, eVariant also introduced a new HealthConnect online support portal with over 150 articles and videos, self-paced training videos and a new standardized training package of 101, 201 and 301 classes that can be delivered online via self-paced training, led by an instructor through WebEx meetings or led face-to-face by an eVariant certified instructor.

eVariant expects to have 2,000+ users on the platform by the end of 2011.

"The larger the user community base, the more the users will have an impact on our development lifecycle," Moschella said. "Three years ago, 99-percent of our updates were based on internal analysis, whereas today, almost many of our updates are based on user feedback."

Since HealthConnect v4 is a cloud-based product, all users on the previous release were automatically upgraded for no additional charge.

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About eVariant

eVariant helps hospitals and health care systems accelerate patient volume growth across service lines through the use of highly sophisticated and customized data mining, automation, analytics and reporting tools, collectively referred by the company as Volume Performance Management. Unique in its ability to Connect What Has Never Been Connected Before, eVariant is a pioneer in successfully and seamlessly uniting vital healthcare business data in real-time across multiple, disparate systems, such as IT, call center, credentialing and billing. HealthConnect users rely on the power of the product suite to automate, execute, measure programs and provide powerful insights, leading to more profitable business decisions and relevant ROI. eVariant's healthcare clients include large hospital systems such as Catholic Health Partners, Greenville Hospital System, Halifax Health and Hartford Healthcare. eVariant also brings significant experience to the table, serving global companies like American Express, HP, Juniper Networks and Zurich. Headquartered in Simsbury, CT, eVariant also operates offices in Wilmington, DE, Miami, FL, and throughout North America. For more information, visit or, call 888-444-3598, or email


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