Healthcare Analytics Platform offers cloud based environment.

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Supporting interactive analysis and decision making, G2 Analytics Platform provides applications hosted in HIPAA-secure cloud-based environment, including mobile applications with executive dashboards for Apple® iPad®. System integrates with healthcare transaction systems using HL7 messaging and XML protocols. Also included are predictive models and risk segmentation algorithms to help organizations forecast revenues, identify clinical interventions, and segment patient populations.

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MedeAnalytics Unveils New G2 Analytics Platform

HP Vertica-powered platform delivers future of healthcare analytics now

ORLANDO, Fla. - MedeAnalytics, a leading provider of healthcare performance management solutions, today unveiled its new G2 Analytics Platform at the Healthcare Financial Management Association's 2013 Annual National Institute being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

Powered by HP Vertica, which was founded as Vertica Systems, Inc. by MIT professor and database technology luminary Dr. Michael Stonebraker, the G2 Analytics Platform can analyze massive amounts of "big data" significantly faster than competitive systems. MedeAnalytics is the first healthcare data analytics vendor to implement an analytics platform based on HP Vertica, and it has been using HP Vertica with clients for over two years. "First and foremost, Vertica has allowed us to meet our clients' growing demands for high performance," said Ken Perez, MedeAnalytics' senior vice president of marketing. "Vertica is a real turbocharger for efficiency and service. Client queries that took hours now take minutes, and queries that took minutes, now take seconds."

Defining the Future of Healthcare Data Analytics, G2 Delivers Now

Perez noted that G2 is not a single solution or application - it is a platform that can facilitate and support the broad range of MedeAnalytics' solutions, for both healthcare providers and health plans. With G2, MedeAnalytics has put a formidable stake in the ground, initially defining the six essential dimensions of the successful analytics platform of the future, and delivering a unique combination of the six now. "We're saying that these are the elements - given the inexorable trends in healthcare toward accountable care, population health management and fee-for-value - that will be essential to healthcare analytics in the future, and we're delivering the future right now." Perez added that more elements could be added and/or highlighted in coming years.

The six dimensions of the G2 Analytics Platform are:

-  Big data analytics - "Our analytical databases are built using cutting-edge 'big data' technology designed to handle the massive and versatile data sets created by disparate healthcare systems," shared Ping Zhang, MedeAnalytics' senior vice president of product innovation and chief technology officer. "MedeAnalytics solutions are fast, flexible and capable of processing terabytes or even petabytes of complex healthcare data to support interactive analysis and decision making with a superlative user experience." He noted that MedeAnalytics is currently using HP Vertica for many of its largest clients, including health plans needing enormous analytical horsepower to execute extremely complex queries.

-  HIPAA-secure cloud - "The company's analytics and workflow applications are hosted by MedeAnalytics in a HIPAA-secure cloud-based environment and delivered as a complete solution to healthcare clinical and financial decision makers without requiring IT resources or technical support," said Zhang. MedeAnalytics was the first to market with the industry's original cloud-based healthcare data analytics solution, introduced in 2001.

-  Mobile applications - MedeAnalytics' intuitive mobile applications empower healthcare decision makers and practitioners to access powerful analytics on the go, proactively alerting managers of potential problem areas and pushing important notifications to ensure continuous monitoring of trends and identification of outliers. Executive dashboards for all of its solutions are available on the Apple® iPad®.

-  Real-time data integration - "Our real-time analytics provide critical insights to healthcare staff at the point of service during patient interactions," commented Zhang. "MedeAnalytics integrates seamlessly with healthcare transaction systems using real-time HL7 messaging and XML protocols."

-  Workflow intelligence - "Our flexible workflow solutions are used by healthcare management and staff to automate complex tasks, optimize patient account follow-up activities, centralize disparate work streams, and hold all levels of staff accountable for their daily performance," noted Perez.

-  Predictive modeling - "In the future, healthcare analytics platforms will have to produce useful and reliable predictive models," said Perez. "Our industry-leading predictive models and risk segmentation algorithms are already helping healthcare organizations forecast revenues, identify clinical interventions, segment patient populations, and prioritize activities to optimize operations, mitigate risks, and improve the quality of care."

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Founded in 1994, MedeAnalytics delivers performance management solutions across the healthcare system -including hospitals, physician practices and payers--to ensure accountability and improve financial, operational and clinical outcomes. For more information, visit



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