Health Care Logistics Buys Into Phononic's Evolve(TM) Product Line for Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Market

Leading medical equipment distributor Health Care Logistics secures volume order from Phononic for Evolve pharmacy-grade benchtop refrigerators; Phononic's cold storage product line debut

DURHAM, N.C. – Compressor-based cold storage has been the predominant technology used by the medical and research field for storing sensitive inventory, such as vaccines, biologics and medications, and it has come at a cost. Due to the high maintenance, temperature instability, and power consumption needed by compressors, it is common to experience loss of inventory, costing millions of dollars and years of research lost.

The Evolve™ product line from Phononic dramatically changes cold storage technology for medical and healthcare facilities. The refrigerators and freezers utilize Phononic's Silvercore™ technology, a solid-state system that actively moves particles of heat, known as phonons, resulting in unprecedented cooling capabilities.

"We are reinventing cooling technology that is more than a century old," said Mike Demasi, VP and GM of Phononic's Cold Products business. "Our Evolve products offer superior temperature stability and precision control, lower maintenance costs, and a sustainable footprint that eliminates the need for toxic refrigerants - enabling a more productive workspace. We wanted to focus on keeping critical inventory safe. That's why all units have WiFi enabled temperature monitoring and logging and can send alarm notifications to mobile devices and the web to prevent inventory loss. Also, with significantly lower energy consumption than a compressor-based system, this refrigerator can run on a backup power supply for several days."

Health Care Logistics (HCL), a health care industry leader specializing in manufacturing, packaging and distribution has entered into a preorder arrangement with Phononic that secures a significant share of the large-scale production launch of the 1.8 cubic foot Evolve benchtop refrigerator. "HCL wants to ensure that we provide the best products for our customers," said Gary Sharpe, chairman of the board and founder, HCL. "The Evolve refrigerator's superior temperature stability, WiFi connectivity for remote temperature monitoring and alarms, and low energy usage per unit, make it a great addition to our product offering."

Independent monitoring of the Evolve benchtop refrigerator shows precise, stable and uniform temperature settings between 2°C (35°F) and 8°C (46°F), without hot and cold spots, despite numerous door openings and closings every hour. It also uses 60 percent less energy than comparable vapor compression systems.

Full-scale production of the Evolve refrigerator is currently ramping up with product shipment set for this summer.

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Phononic is revolutionizing cooling and heating with solid state thermal management solutions. Headquartered in the heart of North Carolina's Research Triangle Park, the company provides solid state semiconductor technology that can be applied to everything from refrigeration to fiber optics, removing the barriers of traditional approaches and ushering in a new era of cooling and heating. The result is an approach to this age-old challenge that is distributed, convenient, sustainable and connected. For more information visit

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