Head Pressure Controls are Pb-free and RoHS-compliant.

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Used to protect AC/refrigeration systems, models ICM325/326/327HN are temperature-sensitive, motor fan speed controls that regulate head pressure by varying amount of airflow through condenser. Products run motor fan consistently at lower speed, rather than cycling it on or off, and continuously make any necessary temperature adjustments. Suited for temperature- and humidity-sensitive environments, each model can control up to 3 refrigerant circuits.

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ICM Controls Goes Lead-Free

New RoHS compliant Head Pressure Controls protect AC/refrigeration systems as well as the environment

ICM Controls Corporation, a leader in the manufacture and supply of electronic controls to the HVACR industry, introduces its new line of lead-free, RoHS compliant Head Pressure Controls with models ICM325/326/327HN. RoHS is a UK-based initiative that regulates levels of potentially dangerous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. By meeting RoHS compliancy, ICM's Head Pressure Controls align with a global trend that ensures stricter, environmentally-sound standards are maintained by manufacturers.

ICM's Head Pressure Controls operate as temperature-sensitive, motor fan speed controls, regulating head pressure by varying the amount of airflow through the condenser, and helping to prevent evaporator freeze-ups, liquid-slugged compressors, low-pressure cutouts, and overshoots common with on/off and pressure-switch controls. They are ideal for use in low-ambient conditions common to supermarkets and frozen food storage, computer rooms and cooling tower fans, and many other temperature/humidity-sensitive environments.

Complementing ICM's existing line of Head Pressure devices, these new lead-free controls are designed with the same reliable circuitry that has earned ICM its industry-wide reputation for excellence. ICM's Head Pressure Controls are superior in that they run the motor fan consistently at a lower speed, rather than cycling it on or off; the controls continuously make any necessary temperature adjustments throughout, helping to eliminate inconsistent cooling and system wear and tear.

The new ICM325/326/327HN models all feature integral heat-pump bypass circuitry, an adjustable hard-start, a low-speed cutoff, and a high-temperature bypass. The ICM326/327HN additionally feature an integral transformer for simplified installation, cost reduction, and direct setup from the voltage line. Each provides solid state 10 amp load carrying capability and can control up to 3 refrigerant circuits.

About ICM Controls Corporation
ICM Controls has been a leading manufacturer of electronic controls for the HVACR industry for more than 20 years, a position achieved through product and process innovation. Serving both the OEM and the Aftermarket, ICM Controls' goal has been to provide its customers with the most technologically advanced products at the greatest value without compromise in quality. ICM Controls offers better command of the supply chain through true vertical integration. Its products are proudly made in America.

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