HD Digital Disk Recorder offers portable operation.

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Available with both removable 120 GB hard drive and CF card storage, Millennia HD is real time, hardware based, H.264/AVC recorder in 8 x 6 x 3 in. system that records up to 11 hr of HD video at 20 Mbps, and up to 30 hr at lower bit rates. It encodes HD-SDI to H.264 and records it onto removable HDD or flash disk, and sends out H.264 signal in DVB-ASI. Unit also decodes stored HDD recordings and send them out as HD-SDI signal. Product operates on 12 or 120/240 V.

Original Press Release:

DVEO Shipping Multi-Function Portable High Definition Digital Disk Recorder

San Diego, California -- DVEO, the broadcast division of CMI, today announced the release of their new multi-function compact H.264/AVC digital disk recorder (DDR) with both removable 120 GB hard drive and CF card storage.

Designed as a rugged recorder/encoder for cameras that support the professional HD-SDI standard, the Millennia HD is a real time, hardware based, H.264/AVC recorder in an 8" x 6" x 3" system that records and encodes simultaneously. It supports simultaneous DVB-ASI output and storage to either a removable 120 GB hard drive or CF Card Storage.

The Millennia HD supports simultaneous DVB-ASI output and recording. The Millennia HD encodes HD-SDI to H.264 and records it onto the removable HDD or Flash disk, and at the same time it can send out the H.264 signal in DVB-ASI. Or, it can decode stored recordings and send them out as HD-SDI.

The Millennia HD provides compact and long term recording from new generation HD cameras that output HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) in 1920x1080i/59.94, 720p/59.94, and 480i/59.94 formats. The system comes with a 120 GB IVDR storage card and a slot for a Compact Flash card. It records up to 11 hours of high quality HD video at 20 Mbps, and up to 30 hours at lower bit rates.

"Our customers are very pleased with this versatile H.264 encoder," said Laszlo Zoltan, Sales Manager for DVEO. "The Millennia HD is very cost-effective because it can do so many tasks. It's ideally suited for rugged applications such as military and law enforcement use, sports broadcasting, reality TV, and electronic news gathering."

The Millennia HD is now shipping. DVEO will also showcase the new system at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, September 11-15, 2009, at Stand 2.C33.


o Video Codec: Full HD (1920 x 1080) H.264/AVC High Profile Level 4

o MPEG-1 Layer-II audio encoding

o Supports HD-SDI in and DVB-ASI out

o Standards: 1920x1080i/59.94, 720p/59.94, and 480i/59.94

o 4 Mbps to 20 Mbps H.264

o HD-SDI input signal synchronizes with ref input signal by means of internal frame synchronizer

o Encodes HD-SDI signal and records it onto the removable HDD or Flash disk

o Decodes HDD recordings and sends them out as HD-SDI signal

o Also works as a real time H.264/AVC decoder

o The input TS signal can be recorded onto HDD

o Supports simultaneous ASI and HD-SDI playback from hard drive

o HD-SDI output is synchronized with REF (sync) signal

o Rugged design for mounting next to cameras

o Time code support

o 12 or 120/240 volt operation

o Familiar VTR-like buttons for front panel

Suggested Retail Price: Millennia HD - $16,995 U.S.

About CMI and DVEO

CMI, founded in 1982, is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California. DVEO, the Broadcast Division of Computer Modules, Inc., sells digital video and high definition television (HDTV) products to the top television broadcast companies throughout the world.

For more information on CMI and DVEO, please contact Rebecca Gray at +1 (858) 613-1818 or rebecca@computermodules.com. To download DVEO's press releases and product images, visit the news section at www.dveo.com/.

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