Haulermaster Bulk Water Fill Station

The HAULERMASTER Bulk Water Fill Station is a complete engineered solution for municipalities, water districts and others who want a streamlined system that offers better control and security in their water dispensing and the ability to accurately monitor and charge for this valuable resource.

With the HAULERMASTER, the facility can control, monitor, administer accounts, and gain control of payments. With its easy to manage control and proprietary HAULERLOGIC software, you will know precisely who is using the system, how much they are using and do invoicing or debiting of account balances. This system allows authorized haulers to operate the system on a self-service basis usually without the need for plant personnel.

The HAULERMASTER Bulk Water Fill Station is provided complete with all piping and equipment optionally housed in an attractive equipment enclosure. The system includes a HAULERSTATION control and HAULERLOGIC software for maintenance of accounts, balances and invoicing. The Haulerstation Control provides an automated interface for haulers to securely access and operate the system. The Hauler Station identifies haulers via a card swipe system, permits access, records transactions and prints transaction receipts.

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