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Data Mover 510 has dual-processor design and allows Celerra File Server to scale up to 52 TB of attached storage, deliver 200,000 operations per second, and support up to 224 direct network connections. Celerra HighRoad software offers Fail Safe networking to protect against IP network failures. TimeFinder/FS software allows users to create copies of file systems that can be used for disaster recovery and testing.

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Industry-First Innovations in Consolidation, Automation, and Protection Highlight Elevated Importance of NAS in Business Environments

HOPKINTON, Mass. ? February 27, 2002 ? EMC Corporation today
strengthened its position as the world's leading provider of network attached storage (NAS) technology with announcement of major new hardware, software and service offerings for the EMC Celerra File Server. The new offerings satisfy the emerging needs of companies that utilize NAS for core business functions and require advanced storage solutions to address the increasing mission-criticality of their file-based information.

With these new announcements, EMC has significantly increased the
capacity, performance, connectivity and manageability of NAS
implementations, while providing new capabilities for business
continuity and NAS/SAN (Storage Area Network) integration.

David Donatelli, EMC Executive Vice President of Platforms, stated, "Many customers who adopted NAS for the cost and productivity benefits of file-based consolidation have now scaled their infrastructures to a level that demands a higher order of NAS capability. With today's announcements, EMC is extending the promise of NAS, while at the same time delivering the hyper-consolidation, platform automation, and business continuity that today's enterprises require."

Gregory Wolf, PTC Vice President of Infrastructure Technology said, "As the world's largest product development software company, many of our core business practices rely on file-based information, making our NAS infrastructure key to PTC's success. We consolidated our multi-platform NAS environment onto EMC's Celerra File Server because existing solutions from other vendors couldn't provide the levels of reliability and flexibility we needed. Since then, Celerra has proven
more than capable of scaling as we scale, and changing as we change. As our past experience and today's announcement indicate, we're confident that we can rely on Celerra as a cornerstone of our business well into the future."

In addition to today's product announcements, EMC also announced that it has opened the EMC NAS Competency Center based in Southborough, Mass., a world-class facility aimed at helping customers design, qualify and document 'proof-of-concept' environments for their business-critical NAS applications. "As more customers bet their business on NAS, they need greater investments from vendors to let them test and validate complex NAS environments before going live," said Donatelli. "This increases their speed of implementation and removes much of the business risk as customers drive their NAS environments to new levels of capability."

Today's announcement highlights a number of industry-first innovations, and includes:

Hyper-Consolidation: Unique tools to handle massive data growth and increased access

-Celerra Data Mover 510: Acting as a cluster of up to 14 dedicated file servers within Celerra, Data Movers are key to delivering unmatched high performance and fault tolerance. The new dual-processor design of the Data Mover 510 provides double the capacity, performance and connectivity of the previous-generation Celerra. This enhancement extends Celerra's leadership over any other NAS product on the market and enables Celerra to scale up to 52 terabytes (TB) of attached storage, deliver 200,000 operations per second, and support up to 224
direct network connections.

-Celerra HighRoad Enhancements: The only software that provides
intelligent multi-path file sharing (MPFS) on a large scale, EMC
Celerra HighRoad software now offers local file system replication through EMC's TimeFinder software, Fail Safe networking to protect against IP network failures, internationalization support, and virtual LAN support -- as well as supporting the increased scalability features of the new Celerra Data Movers and Celerra operating environment.

-Celerra Windows 2000 Support: In anticipation of the more than 60% of Windows' customers that are forecast to migrate from Windows NT to Windows 2000 this year, Celerra now offers native support for Microsoft Windows 2000 ? including support for advanced management and security features such as Windows Active Directory, Light Access Directory Protocol (LDAP), Kerberos authentication, and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) tools.

Platform Automation: New capabilities to ease deployment and management

-Celerra Configuration Wizard: This new tool automates and accelerates the implementation of even the largest and most complex configurations virtually eliminating manual errors and shortening time-to-production for NAS environments.

-NAS Migration Services: To assist customers in consolidating NAS
devices to a more centralized, manageable solution, EMC now offers Celerra Data Migration Service (CDMS) -- providing seamless, automated online and scheduled migration services for NFS and CIFS environments. No other NAS competitor provides online migration services for NAS consolidation projects.

Business Continuity: Advanced protection for consolidated information

-Celerra Concurrent Copy Backup: Delivering up to 300GB/hour of backup performance, Celerra sets a new standard for NDMP-based tape backups. Celerra Concurrent Copy Backup (CCB) software offers customers high-speed NDMP online backup without negatively affecting file-serving performance or network traffic, even if required in the middle of the production day. EMC is the only NAS provider that can provide this type of non-disruptive, high performance backup offering.

-EMC Data Manager NDMP Support: In addition to CCB, EMC Celerra now offers expanded NDMP backup for both NFS, CIFS and multi-protocol environments. EMC Data Manager (EDM), CommVault Galaxy, Legato Networker, Veritas NetBackup and Atempo (Quadratec) TimeNavigator NDMP-based backup solutions are now qualified with Celerra.

-TimeFinder/FS: The new TimeFinder/FS software allows customers tocreate copies of file systems that can be used for disaster recovery, testing, and other purposes such as backup at local and remote sites. Known as "productive protection," no other storage vendor has provided this solution for NAS environments.

EMC is the world leader in Network Attached Storage. According to IDC, in 2001, EMC held a 42.3% share in the NAS marketplace --nearly 10 points greater than the previous market leader. IDC anticipates the NAS market to grow from $1.89 billion in 2001 to nearly $6 billion in 2005. Network attached storage is a subset of networked information storage (NIS) which includes both NAS and SAN. As the NIS leader, EMC holds 38.9% market share in this segment. IDC forecasts overall external networked storage market revenues to grow from $8.5 billion in 2001 to $19.6 billion in 2005. IDC expects the direct-attached storage (DAS) market to decline 18 % during the same period.

All of the products announced today are generally available, with the exception of Celerra Concurrent Copy Backup, which will be generally available in early Q2 of 2002.

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EMC Corporation is the world leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services, providing the information infrastructure for a connected world.

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