Hardness Testers feature automatic length measurement.

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Equipped with CCD camera for automatic length measurement, HMV-G Series Micro Vickers hardness testers provide secure analysis with minimum risk of human error. G-frame design, which optimizes available workspace, along with camera's automatic lens switching function, adjust lens to suit size of indentation. While software controls sequence of primary operations, including setting conditions and displaying results, single test window shows all necessary information.

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Shimadzu's New HMV-G Series Hardness Testers Ensure Reliable, High-Quality Testing with Automatic Length Measurement

COLUMBIA, Md. – Operator error continues to be a concern in quality control testing where reliable measurements are essential. Shimadzu’s new HMV-G Series of Micro Vickers hardness testers provides an operator-friendly, cost-effective solution with automatic length measurement, which is quickly becoming the new standard in the research and development of new materials.

Equipped with a CCD camera for automatic length measurement, HMV-G testers provide simple, secure analysis with a minimum risk of human error. Their new G-frame design expands the workspace, dramatically improving operability while permitting effective measurement of long and large test samples. Additionally, the camera’s automatic lens switching function adjusts the lens to suit the size of the indentation. Even users with no experience can measure samples of unknown hardness easily and reliably.

The camera is accompanied by easy-to-use software that controls the sequence of primary operations, including setting conditions and displaying results. One single test window shows all necessary information at a glance, making image quality adjustments easy. With the routine inspection graphs function, data can also be viewed in chronological order so it can be used effectively for ISO 16949 AND ISO 17025 certification.

Other features of the HMV-G Series include:

• Electromagnetic force control: Indentation test force can be configured seamlessly

• Measurement mode settings: Users can select standard or sequential tests

• Ultra long-life illumination: Standard LED is energy efficient with long life for reduced replacement maintenance

• Low test force (optional): Tests can be performed at arbitrary test forces in the range of 1 gf to 2 kgf

For more information about Shimadzu’s HMV-G Micro Vickers hardness testers, visit http://www.ssi.shimadzu.com/products/product.cfm?product=hmv-g .

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