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Providing optimized excitation of elements, NITON® XL3 Series uses NITON Data Transfer software to preserve and protect data from each sample analysis. Model 800 can take measurements on operating units in excess of 800°F for alloy analysis. Providing RoHS and WEEE compliance, Model 700 performs rapid simultaneous measurement of up to 25 elements in sample. Model 500 can identify new mine sites, while Model 600 helps identify pollution boundaries at sites of industrial contamination.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches NITON XL3 Series of Portable Elemental Analyzers

Improved Detection Limits and Shorter Measurement Times Help Customers Identify Metals in Support of Government Regulations and Consumer Safety

WALTHAM, Mass., July 16 /- Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE:TMO), the world leader in serving science, today announced the launch of its Thermo Scientific NITON(R) XL3 Series, a new platform of handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers. The NITON XL3 Series is available in a range of configurations designed to suit a variety of specific analytical needs, from environmental testing and regulatory compliance to minerals and mining applications.

"With record-high base metal prices, increasing environmental regulations worldwide and new consumer safety issues such as lead in children's toys and jewelry, it is critically important for companies to know exactly which elements are present in products they manufacture for consumers," said Marc N. Casper, senior vice president of Thermo Fisher Scientific. "With the enhanced capabilities of the Thermo Scientific NITON XL3 Series, we are meeting the demand for faster, more accurate results required in portable elemental analysis."

For use in a variety of applications, the Thermo Scientific NITON XL3 Series is available with a range of high-performance options. Applications include:

-- Alloy Analysis: The NITON XL3 800 has been designed for use in the most rugged environments, such as scrap metal recycling yards, which benefit from the analyzer's faster sample throughput. Petrochemical refineries and power stations also benefit from the 75 percent reduction in measurement times for difficult-to-separate alloys, improving both productivity and worker safety when measurements are taken on operating units in excess of 800ºF (426ºC).

-- RoHS and WEEE Compliance: The European Union has enacted directives to limit the entry of toxic metals into the waste stream, including Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). To ensure compliance with these and other similar directives, the NITON XL3 700 suits a variety of analytical needs, from quick screening to rapid simultaneous measurement of up to 25 elements in a sample (including lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium bromine and chlorine). Based on improved source filtering and advanced electronics, the XL3 700 produces more precise and accurate analyses for every measured element - particularly cadmium, which must be accurately measured at low concentrations for RoHS compliance.

-- Mining & Mineral Assessment: The NITON XL3 500 provides important data used in exploration programs, including identifying new mine sites and complying with mine closure activities, preventing inadvertent disposal or dilution of ore.

-- Environmental Testing: Featuring the lowest published metals-in-soil detection limits of any handheld XRF analyzer, the NITON XL3 600 helps site professionals identify pollution boundaries at sites of industrial contamination and direct the activities of remediation contractors in the field.

The Thermo Scientific NITON XL3 Series offers the most powerful X-ray tube ever placed in a commercially available handheld XRF analyzer, providing optimized excitation of elements ranging from chlorine through the transuranic elements. This new platform builds on the success of our award-winning Thermo Scientific NITON XLi, XLp and XLt Series product lines, which remain in production. All NITON XRF analyzers come with Thermo Scientific NITON Data Transfer (NDT) software, which allows users to preserve and protect the data from each sample analysis, ensuring that this data is not accidentally or intentionally compromised.

For more information, contact Thermo Scientific NITON Analyzers directly at (800) 875-1578 (toll-free US), +1 978 670-7460, by e-mail at niton@thermofisher.com, or via the Web at http://www.thermo.com/niton.

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