Handheld Welder ultrasonically joins thermoplastics.

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Model HSG features 1,000 W digital control with integrated time, energy, and power control capabilities. Programmable amplitude and RS232 port for data acquisition are standard. Welder offers 2 different grip options so users can select which angle is best suited to operation. Handle with integrated pistol type grip slips over converter housing of base unit without need for modifications or rewiring. Welder is suited for staking, swaging, spot welding, and inserting.

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Herrmann Ultrasonics Introduces the Ergonomic HSG Handheld Welder

Ergonomic and User-Friendly HSG Handheld Welder

Herrmann Ultrasonics has introduced the fast, ergonomic, and user-friendly HSG Handheld Welder to the North American market. This welder offers an economical and portable advantage when joining thermoplastic materials ultrasonically. The HSG Handheld Welder was designed for lower volume production runs and custom assembly of vacuum formed or blow molded products as well as repair work on large injection molder parts. It is a cost effective approach to applications such as staking, swaging, spot welding, and inserting.

The state-of-the-art HSG digital control 1000 system (35 kHz, 1000 W) with integrated time, energy, and power control capabilities is optimal for minimizing the inconsistencies inherent in most manual operations. Advanced features, such as programmable amplitude and an RS232 Port for data acquisition, are standard.

The ergonomic, lightweight HSG welder emphasizes operator safety with two different grip options to select the angle best suited to a particular operation. The handle with an integrated 'pistol' type grip slips quickly and easily over the converter housing of the base unit without the need for modifications or rewiring. This option has proven especially useful in stand-up workstations and those jobs requiring extra exertion.

A central compressed air supply for optional cooling of the horn and the converter can be attached.

Sit-down / stand-up workstations and accessories are also available.

For more information on Herrmann Ultrasonics news and products, please contact Vasko Naumovski, Product Manager PLASTICS at Herrmann Ultrasonics (847) 985-7344.

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