Handheld Marker provides power for deep marking in metal.

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Used to mark steel and other metals, electro-hydraulic AccuMarker features embossing head that can rotate 330°, illuminating diode that indicates maintenance and displays battery power level, as well as compact hydraulic power unit. Different standard tools can be inserted at top and bottom of C-frame, which has opening width that can be adjusted in increments of 5 mm up to 60 mm max. Portable tool comes in 3 power levels, providing marking forces of 18, 50, and 120 kN.

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Hand Held Marker Allows Deep Marking in Metal

Finally, a hand held and portable marking system is available that can provide deep marking in steel and other metals. The portable marker is lightweight and features a small hydraulic power unit to generate large marking forces.

The electro-hydraulic AccuMarker is easy to handle and due to the portable power source can be used for mobile and quick applications as well as at places which are difficult to access. The embossing head can rotate 330 degrees. The multi-function illuminating diode indicates the maintenance and displays the battery power level. Because of the modular design of the AccuMarker, different standard tools are insertable at the top and the bottom of the C-frame. You need less time for the changeover as well as to change the figure combination. This flexibility makes it possible to use the AccuMarker almost everywhere.

Optional tools include a type holder or a manual adjustable numbering head for changing of text. The numbering head and steel types can have a variable quantity of digits and a variable front height (2, 3, 4, or 5 mm).

The opening width in the C-frame is adjustable in increments of 5mm, up to a maximum of 60mm, with the largest model.

The Accumarker is available in three power levels, providing marking forces of 18kN, 50kN, and 120kN.

Auxiliary equipment includes:
  • Plastic carrying case for the marker and attachments
  • Removable battery
  • Battery charger.

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