Handheld Device with Software relays field data to the office.

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Designed for electrical contractors in industrial construction, Singletouch Mobile deployed on Symbol handheld devices expedites payroll, accounting, and project reporting paperwork. It is also a forecasting tool that provides visibility into job completion and supports electrical contractors' accountability to customers.

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Singletouch Mobile Brings Accurate Data Capture into the Field for Industrial Electrical Contractors

Handheld device equipped with Singletouch software platform routes information instantly to office; easily integrates into accounting, payroll and reporting systems

PHOENIX, AZ and CALGARY, AB, March 18 -- Singletouch, a developer of a comprehensive data-capture platform for electrical contractors in industrial construction, today released its Singletouch Mobile solution, the deployment of its software platform on rugged handheld devices, enabling instant relay of accurate field data back to the office to expedite payroll, accounting and project reporting. In addition, Singletouch is an effective forecasting tool that provides visibility into job completion and supports electrical contractors' accountability to customers.

Singletouch Mobile is an extension of the company's existing Singletouch Office and Singletouch Jobsite. The software tools are integrated, sharing data and allowing only the authorized transaction maker, the person using the system to log transactions, to input and access only the data relevant to that task and nothing else. Information is easily integrated with third-party payroll, accounting and reporting software, while also feeding into customized reports.

Singletouch Mobile is currently being rolled out by Alberta, Canada-based electrical contractor Studon Electric and Controls Inc., which has been using Singletouch Office and Singletouch Jobsite. Studon is in the process of deploying the mobile solution companywide.

"The impact Singletouch software has made in Studon Electric & Controls and the amount we have streamlined our company has reached all facets of our business," said Don Sutherland, President, Studon Electric and Controls Inc. "From sales to estimates to invoices, we are able to save our clients up to 70% in overhead costs. Our ability to make on-the-fly informed decisions from the reporting has made us leaders in our industry. Our team is very excited with the upcoming products in Singletouch that continually improves a part of our business that we all can appreciate, our bottom line."

The Singletouch platform was created by an electrical contractor who is familiar with both the real-world requirements of those in the industry and the business issues that they face. As such, unlike competitive solutions, Singletouch is more than an accounting package and was built with the realities of the jobsite in mind.

"In my time building an electrical contracting firm, I was constantly frustrated by the lack of effective communication of data between the field and the office," said Marty Hilsenteger, Singletouch CEO. "In developing our solution, we worked from the field into the office in a way that facilitates the one-time inputting of data, using the keypad or the handheld scanner, eliminating paperwork and ensuring that reporting and invoicing can be completed quickly and accurately."

Typically, electrical contracting is a paper-intensive line of work; purchase orders, requisitions, timesheets and other manually entered records have been relied on as source data to generate the invoices and reports that are necessary to run the business. The inherent setbacks of this manual form of recording include repeated entry of the same information, lost data, inaccurate transcription into backend office systems and the resultant delays and accounting issues stemming from these ineffective systems. By entering data electronically in the field, Singletouch Mobile eliminates the paperwork logjams and transcription errors that have traditionally plagued the industry.

As electrical contracting typically takes place in remote areas, the relay of information from the field back to the office used to be a matter of days or weeks. In a cash-flow-intense business like contracting, the speedy and accurate invoicing of clients and routine settling of accounts is a critical business issue. Singletouch offers contractors a mechanism for comprehensive reporting to clients that validates work orders, labour and materials costs, and provides complete visibility and accountability where previously this proved nearly impossible.

Singletouch Mobile is deployed on Symbol handheld devices that can withstand the rigors of the jobsite and provide instantaneous, accurate recording of data back to the office. Singletouch has tested its solution and proved it to be both sturdy and reliable in the remote locations with unreliable communications infrastructure where industrial construction often takes place.

Singletouch sells the software platform and hardware device coupled as a complete solution.

About Singletouch

Founded in 1997, Singletouch offers a comprehensive data-capture platform for electrical contractors working in industrial construction that enables real-time input of information in the field - one time, easily and accurately - thus eliminating the paperwork headaches that have plagued the industry. Singletouch's technology consists of three components - a Windows platform called Singletouch Office, a web portal with a Citrix-based user interface called Singletouch Jobsite, and a mobile, handheld data-capture solution known as Singletouch Mobile. With its U.S. headquarters in Phoenix, AZ, the company also has offices in Calgary, AB. For more information, please visit singletouch.com

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