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Handheld Device measures temperature and humidity.

Press Release Summary:

Aug 20, 2014 - Equipped with 2-line color display, Model XC200 calculates dew point temperature of ambient air and provides accurate measurement of temperature and relative humidity. Unit displays Max, Min, Hold, Avg, and Act. Model XC250, combining precision of XC200 with laser-assisted pyrometer, provides continuous measurement and output of thermopile to LCD. Device offers adjustable emissivity and configurable condensation/dew alarm with contact-free measurement. Both include calibration certificate.

Paul N. Gardner Co., Inc. - Pompano Beach, FL

Original Press Release

XC SERIES A Handheld Measuring Device for Temperature and Humidity

Press release date: Aug 19, 2014

The powerful and compact handheld device with state-of-the-art and robust design. The high-resolution color screen displays relative humidity, temperature and dew point. The calibration function (offset correction) guarantees the long-term use without compromising the accuracy.

This measurement tool is available in two models: XC200 and XC250.

XC200 Features:
  • Calculation of Dew Point Temperature of the Ambient Air
  • Two Lines Color Display with Large Digits
  • Display of MAX, MIN, HOLD, AVG & ACT
  • Calculation of Mixed Ratio
  • Calibration Certificate
  • USB Interface for SmartGraph3 Software
  • Accurate Measurement of Temperature & Relative Humidity
XC250 Features:
  • Precision of the XC200 Combined with a High-Precision Pyrometer
  • Continuous Measure & Output of the Thermopile to the LCD
  • Noncontact Temperature Measurement
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Pyrometer is Laser Assisted
  • Adjustable Emissivity, to Adapt to Different Surfaces
  • Configurable Condensation/Dew Alarm with Contact-Free Measurement
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