Handheld Area-Imaging Scanner reduces worker error.

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Featuring custom sensor optimized for bar code scanning, Honeywell's Xenon series eliminates need for user to enter any data by hand and can be customized as either corded or Bluetooth®-enabled. While Adaptus® Imaging Technology lets users read high-density linear bar codes, 2D bar codes, and bar codes found on alternative surfaces such as mobile device screens, Omniplanar's SwiftDecoder® facilitates employee's ability to decode damaged and hard-to-read bar codes.

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Xenon Raises the Bar for Area-Imaging Scanners

Pittsford, NY, USA: L-Tron Corporation has joined forces with Honeywell International to provide a cutting-edge line of scanners, featuring a novel combination of Adaptus® Imaging Technology and Omniplanar's SwiftDecoder® decoding software, as well as a custom sensor that is optimized for bar code scanning. Adaptus® Imaging Technology allows users to read high density linear bar codes, 2D bar codes and bar codes found on alternative surfaces, such as the screen of a mobile device. Omniplanar's SwiftDecoder® facilitates an employee's ability to decode damaged and hard-to-read bar codes.

Jason Culliton, technical sales specialist for L-Tron Corporation, speaks highly of Honeywell's sixth generation of handheld area-imaging scanners. "The enhanced features of the Xenon series now enable our customers to be more efficient and accurate than ever. Faster scan times mean less frustration and more time for other work. The ability to read poorly printed and damaged bar codes is a key differentiator from an end-user standpoint. The Xenon eliminates the need for the user to enter any data by hand, reducing error rates and increasing productivity."

Xenon scanners outperform other scanners by extending the depth of field, shortening read time and improving scanning performance on almost all types of bar codes. The Xenon design is well-constructed, as it is both durable enough to withstand drops from as high as six feet and small enough to fit comfortably in any user's hand. Superior for use in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, postal/courier and government industries, the reliable Xenon series offers the versatility of area-imaging technology and can be customized as either corded or Bluetooth®-enabled.

About L-Tron Corporation:
L-Tron Corporation is a leading supplier of bar code products, data collection products and industrial computers. Founded in 1978, L-Tron is a value added reseller, specializing in quality solutions to meet the unique data collection requirements for every business owner. L-Tron's numerous solutions include bar code readers, bar code scanners, rugged mobile computers and printing solutions. L-Tron Corporation welcomes the opportunity to work with large and small businesses to efficiently provide solutions and support specific application requirements.

L-Tron currently carries a complete line of the Xenon series. For detailed specifications, technical assistance, and/or additional information, please contact
L-Tron Corporation (toll free in the US) 800.830.9523, via email:Sales@L-Tron.com,
or visit www.L-Tron.com.

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