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Hand Trucks feature magnesium parts.

Press Release Summary:

Aug 28, 2003 - Magliner Hand Trucks are made lighter due to magnesium wheel brackets, noses, stair climbers, and 815 wheels. Magnesium offers dent resistance and is tougher than die cast aluminum for deliveries into freezers or in cold-weather situations. Magnesium nose reduces friction, requiring less effort to slide under packages. Hand trucks with magnesium parts are suited for soft drink, food service, parcel, vending, and other route delivery applications.

Original Press Release

Magline Goes Magnesium: Improving the Best Lightweight Hand Truck in the Industry

Press release date: Aug 15, 2003

Magline, Inc., provider of Magliner route distribution solutions, announces the upgrade of its die-cast product parts to magnesium. Magline, known for high-quality, lightweight hand trucks and delivery equipment, changed critical impact components to magnesium on August 1, 2003.

"We continuously work to improve the durability and reduce the weight of our delivery equipment. Upgrading these high-impact parts to premium magnesium allows us to do both - at no additional cost to the customer," says Magline Product Manager Kari Michalski.

The new magnesium parts are used throughout the Magliner hand truck line. Components affected by the upgrade include: wheel brackets, die-cast noses, stair climbers, and 815 wheels.

Magnesium parts are 33 percent lighter than comparable aluminum parts. This reduces the overall weight of Magliner hand trucks for less user fatigue. "Anyone who uses a hand truck all day will appreciate the weight savings," says Michalski.

Magnesium offers other benefits to users as well. According to Michalski, "Magnesium is dent resistant. In testing, magnesium parts lasted up to 10 times longer than aluminum parts in high-impact conditions. Magnesium has also proven to be tougher for deliveries in freezers or cold-weather situations, so users will experience less breakage."

Casting hand truck noses in magnesium reduces friction, requiring less effort to slide them under packages. "More convenient package pick-up seems like a small concern, but delivery work is demanding. At Magline, we are always looking for ways to make that job easier," says Michalski.

Magline products are known for their modular design so all new magnesium parts are compatible with current Magliner hand trucks. The magnesium parts upgrade is excellent for beer, soft drink, food service, parcel, vending, and all other route delivery applications.

Founded in 1947, Magline manufactures a complete line of lightweight Magliner route delivery equipment. To discover the magnesium advantage or for a Magliner product catalog, contact your local Magliner dealer, visit, or call 1-800-MAGLINE (800-624-5463).