Hand Soldering System provides lead-free performance.

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Suited for soldering lead-free PCBs, Model PS-800 features Model PS-CA2 Enhanced Coil Assembly, which is situated in hand-piece, away from soldering tip, and delivers additional power to lead-free solder joints without needing to increase source temperature. Driven by Metcal SmartHeat® technology, thermally optimized SmartHeat PowerTips ensure correct amount of heat energy is conducted directly to solder joint being reflowed without risk of thermal overshoot.

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Hassle-Free Lead-Free Hand Soldering

Upgrades for OK International's PS-800 hand-soldering system optimize it for maximum lead-free performance.

Two new upgrades from OK International put its successful PS-800 Hand Soldering System at the forefront in lead-free hand soldering.

The new PS-CA2 Enhanced Coil Assembly is a high-power induction heater that delivers additional power to lead-free solder joints without needing to increase source temperatures. This feature is critical for successful and reliable lead-free applications. Like all heaters for the PS-800, the PS-CA2 is situated in the hand-piece, away from the soldering tip. This unique design feature simplifies tip replacement and makes the system easy to use.

The PS-CA2 comes hand-in-hand with a new range of thermally-optimized large diameter SmartHeat® PowerTips. Driven by OK International's powerful Metcal SmartHeat' technology, Power Heater Tips are designed to ensure that exactly the right amount of heat energy is conducted directly to the solder joint being reflowed; efficiently, fast, and with none of the risky thermal overshoot that can cause irreversible damage to heat-sensitive components.

Available in a variety of geometries, and with additional iron plating for longer life, the new SmartHeat' Power Heater Tips combine with the PS-CA2 to deliver high power, economical soldering. The PS-800 Hand Soldering System is a reliable, hassle-free production tool that can be used to solder lead-free PCBs without the need for calibration, while operating at lower temperatures for a longer working life.

A further issue in moving to lead-free manufacture is contamination between lead-containing and lead-free solders. OK International has accordingly introduced two simple but effective accessories that clearly identify lead-free equipment. First, a green cradle that can be inserted into the company's Auto Sleep Stand, which is designed to prolong tip life on tools driven by SmartHeat® technology. Second, green lead-free identification rings that can be slipped onto soldering tips and cartridges. These accessories can be used with any of OK International's soldering systems.

With these timely upgrades, OK International once again demonstrates its aim to protect its clients' investments in equipment by ensuring that the PS-800 Hand Soldering System remains the system of choice for maximum-performance lead-free hand soldering tasks.

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