Hand Pallet Truck are designated as Legal for Trade.

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To maximize efficiency in large-scale delivery/distribution/pharmaceutical applications and increase flexibility of warehouse/delivery operations, legal for trade (LFT) hand pallet truck uses 4 certified load cells to generate data with percentage of error of 1 lb for loads up to 3,000 lb and 2 lb for loads from 3,000–5,000 lb. Design with onboard thermal printer, quick lift pump, and exchangeable/rechargeable battery facilitates movement between docks, and available functions include gross net weighing, automatic/manual tare, totaling with sequence of loads, and piece counting.

Original Press Release:

New Lift-Rite® Legal for Trade Scale Pallet Truck Makes Accurate Measurement More Convenient

GREENE, N.Y. — The latest integrated scale hand pallet truck from Lift-Rite® maximizes accuracy and efficiency. Ideally suited for large-scale delivery, distribution and pharmaceutical applications, the new legal for trade (LFT) hand pallet truck provides a lowercost opportunity to make warehouse and delivery operations more flexible. The truck is convenient to move between docks to avoid congestion and provides a quick backup should a facility’s in-floor scale require maintenance.

The scale truck achieves LFT status by using a total of four certified load cells to generate data with a percentage of error of just 1 pound for loads up to 3,000 pounds and 2 pounds for loads between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. Additionally, the truck is able to provide a thermal on-board printer, a quick lift pump and exchangeable/rechargeable battery. Functions include gross net weighing, automatic and manual tare, totaling with sequence of loads, and piece counting and can be programmed from pounds to kilograms.

“The new Lift-Rite LFT scale hand pallet was designed to provide users the flexibility to maneuver product, weigh and document a load with the confidence of a certified unit, anywhere in their facility, ultimately eliminating time wasted by using a stationary floor scale,” said Shannon Curtis, product manager with Lift-Rite. “It’s a durable jack, the certified load cells combined with the thermal on-board printer add versatility to help warehouses and distribution centers stay productive.”

Customers ordering the new Lift-Rite LFT scale truck usually can expect to receive orders within 10 days. For more information on the Lift-Rite LFT scale truck or to locate a dealer, visit liftrite.com or call 800-558-6012.

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