GX Introduces a New Generation of Web Content Management

Fast Internet Innovations on an Open and Stable Platform are now Possible With GX WebManager 9

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands, March 6 -- GX, one of the largest vendors of solutions for web content management in the Netherlands, launches GX WebManager 9 today. This new generation of GX's product for web content management allows organizations to optimally use the Internet through fast and continuous innovations on a stable and open platform.

Organizations that regard the online channel as a strategic part of their business operations encounter a daily need to innovate and add new functionality to their websites, web shops or other Internet activities, while the stable environment where the business processes are automated has to remain intact. GX WebManager 9 offers this as runtime capability without the need to further customize the product or migrate to a newer version. A new functionality can simply be added as a separate component to the existing system.

Flexibility and openness are the pillars supporting GX's products. The three most important innovations of the new product that makes GX a market leader are:

- The open and interchangeable storage of data, based on Apache Jackrabbit and the JSR 170 standard

- The possibility to simply and quickly add separate components to a live system, based on the OSGi open standard

- A completely new user interface that guarantees even more productivity and ease of use

In the research "Hype Cycle for Content Management 2006"(1) the renowned research analyst firm Gartner says about JSR 170, "Some vendors are hesitant to open up their repositories, which they will do by supporting JSR 170. A lack of support for this standard may force clients to make decisions about which vendors they continue to do business with."

GX is one of the first web content management vendors that dares to make its products available to third parties and base it on standards such as JSR 170. This puts GX way ahead of the competition.

Martijn van Berkum, CTO of GX, says about the flexibility of GX WebManager 9, "Innovation of most products in our market is only possible with the help of expanded customization or upgrading or migrating to a newer version. These projects are often complex and expensive, and can take a long time. This way, it is impossible to respond to the fast innovation demand of today's online channel. GX WebManager 9 now makes that possible. Applying new open standards such as OSGi allows clients as well as partners of GX to not only add new functionality to their websites, but also to the underlying product, independently and without having to adapt or even pull the plug on the existing system".

Separate components for GX WebManager 9 will be available at an online marketplace where users can download and immediately use the module of their choice. GX WebManager 9 is, therefore, the ideal product for organizations that want to develop agile, dynamic, interactive, and customer-oriented websites as part of an online business strategy. With this new product, GX will further develop as a best-of-breed product supplier within the international web content management market.

GX WebManager 9 will also be available as a Community Edition, free of charge, for personal use. GX especially expects developers to use this feature, to become more familiar with the unique combination of open standards and new technologies, and be able to contribute to the further development of the product.

About GX

GX is a successful web technology business and one of the largest vendors of web content management solutions in the Netherlands. With the help of GX WebManager, a leading web content management product, innovative and reliable solutions are built for customers by GX and GX partners. These solutions range from modern informative websites to powerful online marketing and sales channels requiring integrations with enterprise software.

The vision of GX is that an increasing share of business processes is initiated from outside the organization via the online channel. GX WebManager was specially developed to support processes of this 'outside in' nature. A robust and agile platform based on open standards and with a componentized architecture. GX WebManager is used by medium to large size enterprises in a range of sectors. Numerous projects have been completed for customers such as KPN, Menzis, Tien, Asics, Planet Internet, DaimlerChrysler and Reed Business Information, to name but a few. GX views these companies' customers - modern consumers navigating through a boundless digital world - as its own customers. The goal of GX and GX WebManager is to satisfy those discerning modern consumers. Which explains 'Outside in'. And differentiates GX from the rest. More information at www.gxwebmanager.com.

About JSR 170 / Apache Jackrabbit

Content Repository API for Java (JCR) is a specification for a Java platform API for accessing content repositories in a uniform manner. The specification was developed under the Java Community Process as JSR-170.

Apache Jackrabbit is an open-source project of the Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/), a nonprofit charity that supports collaborative open-source development.

About OSGi

OSGi technology is the dynamic module system for Java(TM). The OSGi Alliance is an independent non-profit corporation comprised of technology innovators and developers and focused on the interoperability of applications and services based on its component integration platform. www.osgi.org

About Gartner

Gartner works with their clients to research, analyze and interpret the information technology industry: vendors, technologies and business processes. Gartner, founded in 1979, serves 10,000 organizations, including chief information officers and other senior IT executives in corporations and government agencies, as well as technology companies and the investment community.

(1) Hype Cycle for Content Management, 2006, 14 July 2006

By James Lundy, Karen M. Shegda, Debra Logan, Toby Bell, Kenneth Chin, Rita E. Knox, Lou Latham, Gene Phifer, Nikos Drakos, Ray Wagner, Ray Valdes, Venecia K Liu, Whit Andrews, Kathy Harris, Mark R. Gilbert, Carol Rozwell, Carolyn DiCenzo, David Gootzit, David Newman, Andrew White, John Radcliffe, Ted Friedman, Jeffrey Mann, Laura Behrens, Eric Ouellet, Mike McGuire, Michael A. Silver, David W. McCoy, Richard G. Harris and James Brancheau.

Source: GX

For more information about GX, please contact:

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Manager Marketing & Alliances


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Nijmegen, The Netherlands

T: +31-(0)24-388-82-61

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I: www.gx.nl

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