Gun Drilling Machines effectively drill medical components.

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TBT machines allow programmable variations in cutting parameters depending on tool position in workpiece. Capable of achieving drill depths of more than 100 x diameter, product features process monitoring systems that effectively safeguard tools from breaking. Coolant system forces coolant through cutting tool at pressures over 2,500 psi, causing chips to run together with coolant back along side of tool and out of bore.

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High Precision Drilling can be Cost Effective and Reliable

Medical components (bone screws, joint prosthesis, etc) and special tools used during surgery have often long and precise holes. These parts are made from special materials such as titanium and stainless steel alloys, which are difficult to machine. The special TBT gundrilling machines guarantee productivity, reliability and precision. The machines allow programmable variations in cutting parameters depending on the tool position in the workpiece. By rotating the tool in one direction and the part in the other, bore run-out can be largely eliminated. With this system drill depth of more than 100 x diameter can be achieved. The process monitoring systems effectively safeguard even small diameter tools from breaking. To ensure effective chip removal out of holes as small as 0.032", the machines use a special high-pressure coolant system. The coolant flows through the cutting tool with pressures of over 2500 Psi. The chips run together with the coolant back along the side of the tool, out of the bore. During the drilling operation, the special drills have a roller-burnishing effect on the bore surface. As a result surfaces with a roughness better than 0.2 μm Ra can be achieved.

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