Guide Pillars feature groove-free design.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for use with Z1000W and Z1100W self-lubricating locating guide bushes, Guide Pillar Z04/... Series features continuous guide surface without lubrication grooves. Solid lubricant is placed in guide bushes in form of pellet to help form coherent film when sliding movements are required. Without grooves, adherent surface is not interrupted, preventing damage to graphite inserts and ensuring optimum lubrication.

Original Press Release:

HASCO Guide Pillar Without Lubrication Grooves Z04/...

The new HASCO guide pillar Z04/... without lubrication grooves is designed for use with the self-lubricating locating guide bushes Z1000W and Z1100W.

The solid lubricant - the main constituent of which is graphite - is placed in the guide bushes in the form of a pellet to help form a coherent film when sliding movements are required. Because the guide pillars Z04/... have a continuous guide surface without any lubrication grooves, the adherent surface is not interrupted.

This prevents damage to the graphite insert and guarantees optimum lubrication. A pressure drop in the lubricating film can be excluded.

The uncompromising quality of HASCO products provides HASCO customers with a decisive competitive advantage as well as additional benefits and new opportunities.

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