Gruenberg Ships Safety Oven for Cleanroom Application

Gruenberg, a leading industrial oven and sterilizer manufacturer, announced the shipment of a Cyclone Series safety oven for use in a Class 10,000 cleanroom.

This cabinet oven is designed to remove large amounts of solvent from a product load. It has an operating temperature of 60ºC to 80ºC and interior chamber dimensions of 30” W x 30” D x 30” H. The oven features an intrinsically safe design to eliminate ignition sources with spark resistant fans and blowers along with an airtight continuously welded stainless steel interior to prevent the exchange of dust and/or vapors.

The safety oven utilizes horizontal airflow for uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber and the inlet air passes through a HEPA filter prior to entering the chamber. An MSA Ultima gas monitor continuously monitors the concentration of flammable vapors that may be present within the chamber and if the vapor concentration reaches a preset alarm level, the monitor will de-energize the friction heating circuits and activate an alarm to notify operators. The oven temperature is controlled by a Watlow F4T controller that provides the flexibility of a modular I/O controller, ethernet connectivity, and ease of use with a color touch panel with high-resolution, graphical user-interface.

“This cabinet oven, part of the Cyclone Series™ line of safety ovens, features an intrinsically safe design that eliminates ignition sources. The unit can sufficiently remove up to 52 liters of solvents in one batch and will operate in a Class 10,000 cleanroom. Our patented safety oven design is ideal for hazardous material processing and the safe removal of solvents from a product load.”

-Mike Schneck, Gruenberg Product Manager

Unique features of this Gruenberg intrinsically safe oven include:

  • Patented Cyclone Series™ air friction heating system
  • Non-sparking friction blower and recirculation blower
  • Intake HEPA air filtration
  • 4” of insulation to minimize heat loss.
  • Pneumatic door lock
  • Cooling coil to enhance cooling
  • Pressure release panel that will be displaced in the event of an over-pressure situation to release any deflagration pressure.
  • MSA Ultima Gas Monitor to continuously monitor the concentration of flammable vapors within the chamber.

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