Grounding and Bonding Assembly suits heavy-duty applications.

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Bond-Rite EZ comes equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel clamp fitted with jaw grip able to clamp onto virtually any surface. It is available with with 10, 16, or 32 ft retractable Cen-Stat® cables, or with portable cable reels with up to 100 ft capacity. Flashing green LED indicator signals existence of safe connection to ground. Product is approved as Intrinsically Safe by FM and CSA for Class I, II & III, Div 1 & 2, hazardous locations.

Original Press Release:

Portable, Self-Testing Grounding & Bonding Assembly Meets Heavy-Duty Applications

The popular self-testing Bond-Rite EZ, portable static grounding and bonding assembly is now available equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel clamp able to provide reliable, long-term service in virtually any application where permanent ground connections would be impractical. The new heavy-duty clamp is fitted with a special jaw grip able to clamp onto virtually any surface, including field-installed grounding rods. This robust clamping mechanism, combined with sharp tungsten carbide "tooth contact points" penetrate through even the heaviest build-up of paint, coatings, corrosion, or other insulating deposits.

The new heavy-duty EZ clamp, like its general-application predecessor, is a self-contained, easy to use device which provides, and continuously verifies, a low-resistance bonding connection. In service it signals the existence of a safe connection to ground - less than 10 Ohms - through a flashing green LED indicator on the handle of the monitoring clamp.

There are numerous operations in industry, transportation and emergency response where it is necessary to establish a low-resistance bond or connection to a local ground point, especially where vehicles such as vacuum trucks or a variety of other mobile or portable equipment are employed. In these situations, the Bond-Rite EZ offers a self-contained, easy to use device. It is available in a range of options, with 10, 16 or 32ft retractable Cen-Stat® cables, or with portable cable reels with up to 100 foot capacity.

All are approved as Intrinsically Safe Devices by Factory Mutual and CSA for Class I, II & III, Div 1 & 2, hazardous locations (all gas groups). The unit also has equivalent European ATEX approval, and is powered by an easily replaceable Lithium Manganese battery, which provides over 1200 hours use in a typical intermittent duty cycle, with a shelf life of up to 10 years.

The Bond-Rite EZ is just part of the Cenelectrex® range of static grounding and bonding equipment available from Newson Gale, Inc., the Lakewood, NJ based specialists in hazardous area static control.

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