Ground Fault Monitor offers mid-shaft mounting option.

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Designed to continuously chart ground fault severity, EFREM Earth Fault Resistance Monitor provides predictive maintenance condition monitoring. Digital wireless telemetry unit indicates fault location for diagnosis and repair, and provides alarm relay outputs that can be used to activate warnings or shut down machines. Using 2-piece wrap-around metal collar with embedded telemetry electronics, mounting system can be clamped mid-shaft to gather data in real-time from working motor or generator.

Original Press Release:

Generator/Motor Ground Fault Protection Telemetry is Now available with Mid-Shaft (Non-Centerline) Mounting -- Announcement by Accumetrics Associates

SCHENECTADY, NY (Sept. 19) - Operators of large synchronous AC motors and brushless generators who want to protect their equipment from catastrophic failure, but do not have the end of shaft available for mounting monitoring equipment, can now take advantage of a new mid-shaft mounting option for Accumetrics Associates' Earth Fault Resistance Monitor (EFREM).

EFREM is a wireless digital telemetry system that continuously monitors and charts ground fault severity, providing predictive maintenance condition monitoring. Based on more than a decade of innovation in generator/motor rotor protection, EFREM combines advanced ground fault measurement techniques with the latest innovations in digital telemetry technology to provide:

o Quantitative measurement of fault severity,

o Continuous trending and charting of fault resistances (insulation resistance to rotor ground),

o Fault location indication for easy diagnosis and repair,

o Field excitation voltage monitoring, and

o Alarm relay outputs for multiple resistance levels that can be used to activate warnings or shut down machines.

Previously, EFREM was limited to end-of-shaft mounting. The new mounting system uses a two-piece wrap-around metal collar with embedded telemetry electronics that can be clamped mid-shaft to gather data in real time from the working motor or generator. EFREM systems have been used worldwide to prevent catastrophic failure of equipment and maintain availability.

Accumetrics Associates enables the dependable measurement of rotor temperature, shaft torque, turbine blade pressure and other rotary sensor needs through advanced digital rotor telemetry. By adapting advanced aerospace technology to rotating machines, Accumetrics has become a worldwide technological leader and supplier to leading manufacturers and users of motors, generators, and turbomachinery. Accumetrics' product offerings range from highly sophisticated digital telemetry systems with hundreds of channels to simple, low-cost devices that monitor and protect rotor components.

For additional information about EFREM, contact Mark Klein, Director of Sales and Marketing, at 518-393-2200 ext. 124, email, write Accumetrics Associates, Inc., 409 Front Street, Schenectady, NY 12305 or FAX 518-393-3622, or visit

Mid-Shaft Mounting Option - Created to continuously monitor insulation fault resistance in generators and large motors, the Earth Fault Resistance Monitor (EFREM) from Accumetrics Associates, Inc. can now be mounted mid-shaft to protect capital equipment from catastrophic failure.

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