Ground-Breaking Emergency Switch Meets TSI Rules

A new rail emergency switch that meets European TSI standards has been developed in partnership between French Railways, SNCF, and EAO - the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces.

Based on EAO's market-leading Series 56 pushbutton, the new switch has been specially designed for extra visibility and usability by less-able-bodied passengers, particularly the visually impaired and blind, and specifically to meet the Technical Specification of Interoperability relating to persons with reduced mobility (TSI-PRM), which replaced the RVAR (Rail Vehicles Accessibility Regulations) in 2008.

The eye-catching, distinctive design contains a large pushbutton within a bright yellow triangular bezel, on which is printed SOS in both ink and Braille. The colour was chosen by SNCF for maximum visibility in all light levels. The letters are 15mm high and the Braille more than 0.5mm in accordance with TSI-PRM for Tactile signs and controls. EAO is proud to have been the first to develop a standard product which meets these regulations, and to have received SNCF approval.

The switch was developed following a project by the SNCF to improve the traveling experience of less-able-bodied passengers. A triangular, yellow shape was chosen because it's synonymous with warnings and hazards.

Customers who already use the Series 56 switch will be able to buy only the triangular bezel to bring their tactile controls up to TSI-PRM standard. These new Series 56 products are available now, only from EAO.

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