Gripper uses rotating curved needles to secure insert.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for insert mold applications, including cloth or vinyl, GRN advanced and curved needle grippers feature offset locator that promotes insert placement accuracy and repeatability. Rotation of curved needles secures insert, even on thin cloth material. One version is spring-loaded, and 2 versions have gripper arms that fit SAS's clamping system. Integrated cylinders and 2 pressure air ports lend to compact design.

Original Press Release:

New GRN Gripper from SAS Automation

SAS Automation, introduces Advanced & Curved Needle Grippers

Xenia, OH (October 2006) - >SAS< Automation introduced advanced and curved needle grippers to their GRN Needle Gripper line, specifically for insert mold applications, including cloth or vinyl. These new GRN additions feature a more compact design that is lighter weight and one version has curved needles that rotate to securely grip material, offering a more reliable insert solution.

Needle grippers are commonly used for inserting cloth materials into injection molding applications that require superior material adhesion to plastics parts like automotive interior parts. These robotic needle grippers commonly secure the material at a fixture station and then automatically insert the material into the mold. They are mounted on an EOAT gripper that also removes the molded part from the molding machine.

The GRN with the one-of-a-kind rotation (rather than linear) of curved needles secures the insert better, especially on thin cloth material. This offers deeper penetration into the material without exposing the needles on the other side. This allows the gripper to approach the mold closer for placement of the material.

Significant features of the new GRN additions:
o Integrated cylinders allow for a more compact design
o Two pressure air ports (versus four)
o Offset locator - ensures better insert placement & repeatability
o Two versions - have standard size gripper arms which fits SAS's clamping system
o One version is spring loaded; allowing for compliance to the mold when inserting.

About >SAS< Automation
>SAS< is a leading supplier of modular EOAT components & robotic gripper systems - capable of servicing any part and any robot. >SAS< manufactures in the USA "get a grip!", and distributes "nip it!" Nile sprue nipper line, and "GRIP IT!" Asian chucking/gripper line. >SAS< is ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certified. Specialists in robotic end-of-arm tooling & gripper systems, sprue nippers, CNC degating & Insert Mold tooling for manufacturing, packaging & plastics industries. Sales, service and support to: USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe.

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