Grease Monkey in Southwest Florida Goes Green with Safety-Kleen EcoPower Motor Oil

New EcoPower motor oil now available at all four Lee County Grease Monkey locations

PLANO, Texas - Grease Monkey, a leading Fast Lube franchise, is "going green" with EcoPower, a new high-quality motor oil that is environmentally friendly and comparably priced with standard motor oils. EcoPower is now available in all four Lee County Grease Monkey locations.

"EcoPower uses much less energy to produce than oil refined from crude," said Grease Monkey franchisee Anthony Zimbicki. "We're excited about offering EcoPower because it conserves resources and reduces dependence on foreign crude."

EcoPower is premium-quality oil produced by re-refining used motor oil and it is certified to meet or exceed the quality standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Society of Automotive Engineers for new motor oil. Safety-Kleen, which collected more than 225 million gallons of used oil in 2008 and recycled approximately 110 million gallons into base oil products for use in the marketplace, is North America's largest collector and re-refiner of used oil.

"Offering EcoPower makes solid environmental and business sense," Zimbicki said. "Turning used oil into high-quality lubricating products conserves a valuable resource and removes a potential pollutant from the environment. It takes up to 85-percent less energy to produce a gallon of lubricating oil from used oil than to produce the same oil from a gallon of crude, and the end product is identical to traditional motor oils made from crude and meets the same stringent specifications."

For the past 20 years, Safety-Kleen has produced high-quality motor oils for large commercial fleets and the federal government by re-refining used oil the company collects at thousands of car dealerships, automotive retailers and quick-lube facilities across North America. By recycling and re-refining used oil, Safety-Kleen avoids the emissions of more than one million metric tons of greenhouse gases annually when compared to refining from crude and burning used oil for energy, the equivalent to taking 190,000 cars off the road every year.

EcoPower motor oil is now available in 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30 and 15W-40 viscosity grades. In addition, all major U.S. car manufacturers have approved the use of Safety-Kleen SAE 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 ILSAC-certified motor oil in all their cars. The EcoPower SAE 15W-40 grade has also been approved by leading heavy-duty engine manufacturers.

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About Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey was founded in Florida in 1999 and has four locations in Southwest, FL: N. Ft. Myers, Ft. Myers, S. Ft. Myers and Lehigh Acres. For more information, visit or call 239-997-8007.

About Safety-Kleen

Safety-Kleen is a leading North American used oil recycling and re-refining, parts cleaning and environmental solutions company, with approximately 4,200 employees serving more than 300,000 customer locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Safety-Kleen provides a broad set of environmentally-responsible products and services that keep North American businesses in balance with the environment. For more information, please visit or call (800) 669-5740.

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