Grease and Oil have USDA H-1 rating.

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Tri-Flow(R) Food Grade Grease and Oil will not emulsify in dead-water washout. Non-staining grease, with pure synthetic base, withstands temperatures from -10 to +400°F. It prevents friction and wear on any metal-to-metal contact, and is compatible with most rubbers and plastics. Synthetic oil is fortified with Teflon(R) for increased lubricity. Low-foaming characteristics make it suitable for hydraulic systems.

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All Tri-Flow(R) Food Grade Grease And Oil Products Now Have USDA H-1 Rating

Non-Emulsifying Formulas Withstand Repeated Washdowns In Food, Water and Waste Treatment Plants

New Tri-Flow(R) Food Grade Grease and Oil will not emulsify in dead-water washout. With only 1.9% loss per washout, they can withstand 3-4 washouts before re-application. They are both ideal for beverage and food-processing plants, as well as water and waste treatment plants, where daily washdowns are required.

All Tri-Flow® Food Grade Grease and Oil products are now USDA H-1 rated for areas where incidental food and potable water contact may occur. The newest addition to the Food Grade line is Tri-Flo(R) Dry Lubricant, Non-Aerosol, available in 2-oz. squeeze bottles.

Tri-Flow(R) Food Grade Grease has a pure synthetic base for maximum longevity and durability. It has 50% more Teflon(R) and twice the load-carrying capacity of the leading food grade grease, based on Timken(R) OK load tests. The non-staining, waterproof grease is multi-service, able to fulfill a wide variety of both food and non-food grade applications. It withstands temperatures from -10° F to 400° F.

Tri-Flow Food Grade Grease prevents friction and wear on virtually any metal-to-metal contact. It is compatible with most rubbers and plastics, and is excellent for "O" rings, gaskets, pump bearings, can sealers, valves, conveyors, sterilizer chains, slides, pool equipment, electric motors, water filters and universal joints. The NLGI Grade 2 grease is Kosher-approved and available in tubes, aerosols, cartridges, pails, kegs or 55-gallon drums.

Tri-Flow(R) Food Grade Oil is also USDA H-1 rated, totally synthetic, and fortified with Teflon for increased lubricity. Its pressure properties provide for superior lubrication of turbine pumps in water and waste treatment plants. Its low-foaming characteristics make it perfect for hydraulic systems. It also has the ability to coalesce rapidly, making it an excellent choice for most lubrication equipment.

Tri-Flow Food Grade Oil can be used in both food and non-food grade industrial applications as a general purpose lubricant for gear boxes, bearings, motors, chains and conveyors. Its biodegradable, clear, non-staining formula is Kosher-approved. Tri-Flow Food Grade Oil is available in cans, pails, kegs, and drums in nine different ISO Grades.

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