Gravity Convection Oven will not disturb lightweight parts.

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Used for industrial applications such as drying, baking, and curing, Blue M GO Series creates natural convection without use of blower so that product in chamber is not disturbed during heating process. Temperature range is 20°F above ambient to 500°F, and uniform temperature is maintained to less than or equal to ±3% of oven temperature. Offered with workspaces from .95-7.9 ft³, oven also integrates over-temperature protection system.

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TPS Introduces Value-Priced Blue-M Gravity Oven

White Deer, PA - Thermal Product Solutions, a division of SPX Corporation, has recently introduced the Blue M GO Series, an economical gravity convection oven. With prices starting as low as $1950, the Blue M gravity oven is suited for a range of industrial applications, such as drying, baking and curing.

The heated air in a gravity oven rises. As the air cools, it circulates back to the source of heat, thereby creating a natural convection. Because the gravity oven does not use a blower, the product in the chamber is not disturbed during the heating process. This creates an ideal environment to dry lightweight products, such as powders, films and granular samples.

The TPS engineers designed the Blue M GO Series oven for when temperature uniformity is not critical to the drying, curing, or baking process. The GO Series oven is engineered to maintain a uniform temperature less than or equal to +/- 3% of the oven temperature. The temperature ranges from 20°F above ambient to 500°F.

The Blue M GO Series features an over temperature protection system to prevent damage to the oven or the product. For more control over the temperature, a programmable temperature controller is available as an optional add-on.

To accommodate a range of laboratory configurations, the Blue M GO Series comes in a variety of sizes. Workspaces range from .95 cubic feet to 7.9 cubic feet.

As part of SPX Corp., a Fortune-500 company, TPS has emerged as a global leader in the design and manufacture of industrial ovens, environmental simulation, heat treating, photovoltaic and pharmaceutical equipment. For more information, visit the Blue M gravity oven page.

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