GRAPHALLOY® Solves Geothermal Power Plant Problem

YONKERS, NY (July, 2008) - A major geothermal energy producer in the western
Unites States uses super-heated geothermal steam from underground wells to drive its

Pump bearings made from GRAPHALLOY® - a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant
material - were used to solve a critical pump application problem.

In order to maintain steam pressure in the wells, company engineers inject water
recycled from condensed steam - along with treated wastewater - back into the
ground. The conventional bearings being used in the pumps that handled this task
were failing because of the high-temperature and corrosive, silt-laden environment
from the water being re-injected.

To solve the problem, the engineers at Graphite Metallizing developed a special grade
of GRAPHALLOY® (GMK-GEO) then manufactured the bearings that could handle this
severe service.

Due to their ability to perform well under harsh operating conditions, GRAPHALLOY®
bushings and bearings have been a critical component used in the power generation
industry for over 50 years.

There are GRAPHALLOY ® grades that are able to withstand temperatures ranging from
cryogenic to < +1000°F (< +540°C) and that are dimensionally stable even when
submerged or under load. Because of their long life and self-lubricating qualities, they are especially suitable for installations that cannot be easily accessed, or where
performing regular maintenance is difficult.

Graphite Metallizing Corp., established in 1913, produces GRAPHALLOY ® a
graphite/metal alloy bearing material used in the manufacture of self-lubricating
bearings and components for machinery and process systems. For more information

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Graphite Metallizing Corp.
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