Grab Hooks work with CM Herc-Alloy(R) 800 chains.

Press Release Summary:

Cradleless Clevlok(R) Grab Hooks, forged in grade 80 alloy, are available in 9/32 to 5/8 in. sizes, and offer Clevlok style clevis. Hooks have working load limit of 3,500 to 18,000 lbs. CM grade 80 Herc-Alloy(R) 800 chain sling is black finish and/or color coded orange. Tag attached to sling permanently identifies grade, type, working load limit (at specific angle of lift), and registration number.

Original Press Release:

Columbus McKinnon(R) Offers Clevlok(R) Grade 80 Grab Hook

Recommended for use with Herc-Alloy® 800 Chains

AMHERST, N.Y., U.S.A., March 19-22, 2002- Columbus McKinnon®, the leading manufacturer of hoist and chain products in North America, now offers Clevlok® Grab Hook forged in grade 80 alloy for use with CM Herc-Alloy® 800 chains. These cradleless hooks are available in sizes 9/32" to 5/8" and offer CM's Clevlok style clevis for durability and ease of use in lifting applications, especially when used with the CM Herc-Alloy 800 chains. Theses hooks have a work load limit of 3,500 to 18,000 pounds.

The CM grade 80 Herc-Alloy 800 chain is a higher strength heat-treated alloy steel chain that is primarily used as a sling component for overhead lifting, but can be used in rigging and tie down applications where a lightweight high strength chain is desirable. It is recommended for overhead lifting by NACM, ANSI, & OSHA. CM grade 80 Herc-Alloy 800 chain slings and attachments are manufactured from special analysis alloy steel, engineered for a superior combination of strength, lightness and durability.

All Herc-Alloy 800 chain and attachments are black finish and/or color coded orange for easy, permanent identification. The chain is embossed with the grade (HA-800) and trace code.

Before shipment, all CM Herc-Alloy 800 chain slings undergo a succession of demanding quality control checks. Every sling is proof tested, registered and guaranteed for one year to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. A durable metal tag attached to the sling permanently identifies the grade, type, working load limit (at a specific angle of lift) and registration number of the sling. Chain slings are used primarily for overhead lifting and are generally used in conjunction with a crane or some type of lifting device. Standard sling configurations consist of chain branches, which are affixed on one end to a master link or ring with some type of attachment, usually a hook, affixed to the opposite end.

The life and strength of CM Herc-Alloy 800 chain slings depend on proper inspection, maintenance and use. For additional information, refer to ANSI B30.9 and OSHA 1910.184. Columbus McKinnon also issues the following warning with each chain; do not exceed working load limit and use only alloy chain and attachments for overhead lifting.

For more information about Clevlok® grade 80 grab hooks and other products from Columbus McKinnon, contact your local distributor, call Columbus McKinnon at 800-888-0985 or visit the Web site at

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