GPS Vehicle Tracking System analyzes driving behavior.

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DriveSync(TM) lets users track when, where, how far, how fast, and how aggressively vehicle is driven. Information, tracked off-line via GPS satellites, is recorded on in-vehicle DriveSync receiver and USB data key. Results are viewed by detaching data key from receiver unit and inserting it into computer USB port. Once uploaded to DriveSync server, data is interpreted and consolidated into customized reports that can be viewed via secure, password-protected website.

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DriveSync(TM) Debuts at CES 2006

GPS vehicle tracking system provides detailed analysis of driving behavior

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 5 -- Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS), a world leader in telematics systems, is proud to debut DriveSync(TM), an innovative GPS vehicle tracking system at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

DriveSync(TM) enables parents and commercial fleet owners to track when, where, how far, how fast and how aggressively a vehicle is being driven. This information is tracked passively via GPS satellites and recorded on an in- vehicle DriveSync(TM) receiver and USB data key. Because the information is tracked off-line, DriveSync(TM) eliminates the high monthly service fees associated with other GPS vehicle tracking systems. Results are viewed by detaching the data key from the receiver unit and inserting it into a computer USB port. The vehicle tracking results are uploaded to a DriveSync(TM) server where the data is interpreted and consolidated into customized reports. These reports, including trip logs, route maps and usage alerts, are viewed via a secure, password-protected website. The results provide a detailed analysis of vehicle use and driver behavior.

DriveSync(TM) provides parents with a clear picture of their teen's driving behavior, including speeding and aggressive driving habits. Prepared with this information, parents can discuss with their teen issues of driving safety, responsibility and accountability. Likewise, DriveSync(TM) can help parents measure their teen's driving progress, and set driving privileges accordingly.

The same training applications can be used for fleet drivers. By highlighting risky driving behavior, DriveSync(TM) allows fleet owners to identify, and correct, unsafe driving practices. DriveSync(TM) can also facilitate more efficient driving behavior. The accurate tracking of routes, mileage and speed enables fleet owners to anticipate and effectively manage vehicle insurance, gas and maintenance costs. That same data can further be used for forecasting and budgeting purposes.

"DriveSync(TM) is an affordable, secure and comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking system", says John Reynolds, Vice President of Business Development at IMS. "In addition to providing a conclusive analysis of driver behavior, DriveSync(TM) units are encrypted to ensure privacy of personal information. So you can track your vehicle with confidence knowing your information remains protected and confidential."

DriveSync(TM) will be available to retailers and distributors beginning February 2006.

About IMS

IMS is a company specializing in the creation, development and marketing of leading edge proprietary technology that blends mechanical engineering, electronic control and information systems to make technologically advanced products. IMS has three divisions; Safety Devices for use in automotive applications, Telematics which includes iPaid(TM) and is focused on UBI, and Automedia delivering consumer products into the automotive aftermarket. IMS is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

CONTACT: John Reynolds, Vice President of Business Development, Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc., Phone: (519) 745-8887 ext. 227, Fax: (519) 745-9774,

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