GPS Fleet Tracking/Mapping Software monitors vehicles via Web.

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Teletrac 20/20 enables users to locate, track, and monitor position and operation of fleet vehicles in real-time via Internet. Satellite mapping, utilizing Silverlight and BING Maps, includes 2D and 3D views plus live traffic data, and users can overlay data such as places of interest and frequently visited addresses. Software helps find nearest vehicle based on drive time, distance, and traffic conditions and includes dashboard displays and reports that can be downloaded, printed, or emailed.

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Teletrac Announces Specialized Solution for Vehicle Location and GPS-Based Fleet Tracking

An Affordable, Easy-To-Use Solution For Small to Midsize Fleets

GARDEN GROVE, California - Teletrac Inc. (, a telematics technology leader for more than 20 years, today announced availability of a specialized solution suite - Teletrac 20/20 - for vehicle location and GPS vehicle tracking, that helps businesses gain fleet efficiencies, save fuel, improve on-time performance, and lets dispatchers and drivers be significantly more productive. Teletrac 20/20 goes far beyond traditional vehicle location and GPS tracking solutions, delivering an array of premium features utilizing today's most advanced technologies such as Microsoft's Silverlight and BING Maps for enhanced visualization and animation, interactive mapping, and video playback. As a result, Teletrac 20/20 technology uniquely gives dispatchers clear vision and focus for tracking mobile assets and managing operations, in an affordable, easy to use solution specifically designed for small and midsize fleets, even micro fleets.

"With the release of Teletrac 20/20, companies with small to midsize fleets needing to focus on tracking mobile assets, now have access to a solution offering a comprehensive feature set aimed specifically at their operations and business requirements," said Tony Eales, CEO, Teletrac. "Further, as a result of our 22-year technology leadership and success of Teletrac's flagship solution, Fleet Director 7, Teletrac 20/20 uniquely offers the most advanced big fleet technology in an affordable, easy- to- use solution for small to midsize fleets."

Teletrac 20/20 fleet software is a specialized solution for tracking mobile assets that improve operations and reduces costs in numerous ways - through fuel savings, higher productivity, reduced driver overtime and unauthorized vehicle use, reduced backoffice paper work, improved preventive maintenance, and often lower insurance premiums.

Teletrac 20/20 is browser-based, enabling dispatchers to efficiently locate, track and monitor the position and operation of fleet vehicles in real time, 24x7, from any internet-enabled personal computer. Fleet managers gain unprecedented visibility into operations - a user friendly layout and easily recognizable icons make Teletrac 20/20 easy to use and intuitive from the start; advanced satellite mapping with conventional roadmaps in 2D and 3D views including live traffic give dispatchers more realistic and detailed maps on which to base operational decisions; automatically identifying nearest vehicle based on actual vehicle speed, actual distance and estimated arrival time provides the most accurate information for enhancing the customers' service experience, and multiple and detailed vehicle reports help monitor driver performance and provides advanced decision support for more efficient regulatory compliance.

Advanced mapping gives dispatchers clear vision and focus for tracking assets
Teletrac 20/20 vehicle tracking system uses the latest BING Mapping technology, aggregating the best maps and data from an array of leading suppliers. Mapping is extremely powerful and layers location-relevant data on top of imagery taken from satellite sensors, aerial cameras, Streetside imagery, 3D city models and terrain, providing vivid photorealistic images. Satellite mapping with conventional roadmaps in 2D and 3D views plus live traffic data gives dispatchers more realistic and detailed maps on which to base complex decisions. The ability to easily overlay standard or custom data points makes it quick and easy for dispatchers to add custom landmarks to maps, places of interest and important or frequently visited addresses - enabling dispatchers to more readily assign and track vehicles and routes.

Determining nearest vehicle for more effective response

Teletrac 20/20 provides "nearest vehicle" locating, based on Teletrac's computed combination of actual drive time, actual distance and current traffic conditions - far more accurate than as-the-crow-flies estimates. Dispatchers simply enter a street address or an unlimited number of landmarked locations. Dispatchers are immediately presented with maps showing all vehicles within the map area plus crucial information such as speed, actual distance and estimated time of arrival. Dispatchers can also apply this process to multiple vehicles, enabling them to converge on a destination.

At-a-glance dashboards and complete reporting supports decision making

Dispatchers can view real-time information and summary data in at-a-glance "dashboard" displays to support rapid, optimal decision making for most productive use of vehicles. These dashboards can drill down and include information customized to the needs of individual users.

Teletrac 20/20 generates 15 different reports for viewing via web-browser, or reports can be downloaded and printed. Up to four reports can also be automatically generated, scheduled and delivered via email - daily, weekly or monthly - according to each recipient's needs and preferences.

About Teletrac

Already proven and trusted by more than 10,000 fleets, in the US alone, Teletrac's flagship solution, Fleet Director, saves fleet owners time, money, and reduces their carbon footprint. Teletrac customers report up to 30% lower fuel usage, an average of 15% less driver overtime, 12% higher productivity and less unauthorized vehicle use.

Fleet Director is an award-winning, vehicle tracking software solution, deployed by fleets of all sizes. Fleet Director has been recognized by Fleet News Magazine winning its prestigious 2009 Fleet Van Technology Initiative of the Year Award as well as the Fleet Van Award for 2008 Technology of The Year. Additionally, Fleet Director was 2008 IT and Communications Product of The Year from Green Fleet Magazine. This is particularly significant as it recognizes pioneers of environmental fleet management.

Teletrac 20/20 is available for purchase from Teletrac. For further information call 1-800-500-6009.

Teletrac 20/20 can also be purchased through Teletrac 20/20 dealers. For further information call 1-800-TELETRAC.

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