GORE® PolyVent Ex+ Screws meet IECEx and ATEX standards.

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GORE® PolyVent Ex+ Screws are suitable for non-mining and above-ground applications. Units are made of 1.4404 non-flammable stainless steel and offer high flammability rate UL 94 VTM-0. Products come with silicone O-ring and provide resistance against flame and corrosion and oleophobic and hydrophobic protection. Screw’s PolyVent Ex+ features airflow rate of 1600 ml/min at 70 mbar and ngress protection rating of IP68/IP69k.

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New Gore® PolyVent Ex+: Safety + Uncompromising Performance for Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres

Gore announces the launch of GORE PolyVent Ex+. The latest addition to Gore’s Protective Vents Screw-In Series is certified according to explosion-proof safety standards, IECEx and ATEX.

W. L. Gore & Associates announces the launch of GORE® PolyVent Ex+. The latest addition to Gore’s Protective Vents Screw-In Series is certified according to explosion-proof safety standards, IECEx and ATEX. These certifications enable global integration of the product with fewer certification efforts, saving labor and testing costs. Further, the PolyVent Ex+ offers additional protection performance due to its unique design.

GORE® PolyVent Ex+ has earned the IECEx and ATEX certification codes Ex II 2G Ex eb IIC Gb and Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC Db. IECEx and ATEX directives describe general requirements for equipment, components and devices that are used in potentially explosive atmospheres. With this certification, PolyVent Ex+ is allowed in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres caused by combustible gases or dust as following:

  • Gas: All non-mining, above-ground applications (equipment group 2) in the Zones 1 and 2 with need for protection type “eb” (increased safety) for Equipment Category 2 Gb.
  • Dust: All non-mining, above-ground applications (equipment group 2) in the Zones 21 and 22 with need for protection type “tb” (standard protection by housing) for Equipment Category 2 Db.

Peter Kroker, Gore PolyVent Technical Project Manager, explains: “We developed this product to meet the needs of our customers who are working in industries that process, use or manufacture materials that may give rise to an explosive atmosphere. The new Ex-rated GORE® PolyVent Ex+ is the perfect fit for these tough environments.”

Peter adds, “Ensuring that products and systems meet stringent IECEx and ATEX requirements is a complex, time consuming and costly process. Choosing GORE® PolyVent Ex+ can easily speed up time-to-market while reducing costs in the certification process.”

GORE® PolyVent Ex+ offers additional features that truly deliver the uncompromising Gore performance required in these tough environments and add to the “safety aspect” for both operators and equipment.

The Plus (+) means this product can do more

Due to its unique design, GORE® PolyVent Ex+ offers:

  • Uncompromising performance. All materials selected for designing GORE® PolyVent Ex+ have been chosen as they support the vent’s long-lasting exceptional behavior in the field. The vent body, cap and Gore’s creative, patented membrane-sealing technology only use premium 1.4404 (316L) non-flammable, stainless steel.
  • The latest GORE™ membrane, made of 100% ePTFE, delivers the remarkable performance for pressure-equalization customers expect, while achieving the highest flammability rating in its category (UL 94 VTM-0). Additionally, the silicone O-ring with the flammability resistance rating of UL 94 V-0 adds another layer of safety on which customers can depend.
  • These high-quality materials combined with the GORE® PolyVent Ex+ innovative construction ensure comprehensive flammability resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and exceptional chemical robustness.
  • High “Ingress Protection to Airflow” Ratio. The GORETM Membrane provides lasting oleophobic and hydrophobic protection. With an airflow rate of 1600 ml/min at 70 mbar and an ingress protection rating of IP68/IP69k, PolyVent Ex+ reliably protects enclosures up to 20l for a wide range of temperatures.

As Peter Kroker explains: “GORE® PolyVent Ex+ is made of materials of the highest quality. But most importantly, these vents deliver the exceptional venting performance and reliable protection our customers have come to rely on. This new product rounds out the already extensive Screw-In product portfolio by fulfilling the need for a venting application in potentially explosive environments.”

For more information about the GORE® Protective Vents product portfolio, visit gore.com/protectivevents.

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