Go Green with Re-Sharpened Folder Knives from IGS Knives

IGS Knives, Inc., in Red Lion, PA wants to encourage customers to re-sharpen, don't keep buying new knives. Many folder knives are made in segments and the dull section is discarded. Use the IGS Knife-recycle, save money & stop the waste.

IGS Knives last longer because they are made with durable Tool Steel and can be sharpened at one-half the price of a new knife. Return your IGS manufactured knives for sharpening and save money in your knife budget and save the environment.

One-piece custom knives can be made to your particular specifications. Send your cut-off, perf knives or segments to IGS. We will work with you to develop the tooth pattern you need. Order one-piece web press cut-off knives from IGS for your ATF, DEV, Goss, Hantscho, Harris, Mitsubishi, Man-Roland, Solna, Tensor, Toshiba, etc.

The IGS knife is manufactured from tool steel and can be re-sharpened several times which is only one of the benefits listed below:
  • Quicker Installation
  • Less Paper Dust
  • Gives Cleaner Cut
  • No Segment Adjustment
  • Re-sharpen
  • Longer Knife Life
  • Works Great with Recycled Paper
  • Not a Throw-Away Knife
  • Uses Less Silicone

    IGS KNIVES, INC. will manufacture your cut-off and perf knives from segment samples. Custom perf knives can be made to your particular specifications.


    About Us:

    IGS Knives, Inc. has a combined 125 years' experience in the knife manufacture and grinding Industry. We provide both sales of new knives and blades as well as knife sharpening services. We have done business throughout the USA, Canada and have exported to five continents.

    Our size allow flexibility and also the capability of keeping a tight rein on quality control. The close-knit staff receives hands-on training under the guidance and supervision of management.

    The main objective of IGS Knives Inc. is to offer high-end custom products and services at an economical price without sacrificing quality. Count on our speedy turnaround time to keep your facility running.

    For more information, please contact us at 1-888-295-3747, info@igsknives.com or visit our website www.igsknives.com.

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